The Ultimate Woodsball Guide | What You Should Know

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The Ultimate Woodsball Guide | What You Should Know. You may have some queries, whether you’re a seasoned woodsballer or just getting started. What kind of paintball gun should I get, for example? What’s the best place for me to try it out? Where can I acquire some equipment? What can I do to improve my abilities? When should I use a tank and when should I refill from an air source? These and other questions will be answered in this article. This guide, written by the authors of, is one of the only resources that will provide you with all of the knowledge you require in one location. Prepare to learn everything there is to know about woodsball!

The Ultimate Woodsball Guide | What You Should Know


What is woodsball?

The term “woodsball” is used in the paintball world to denote a play style that stresses realism and authenticity. To put it another way, it’s like a military playing paintball in the woods. The emphasis is on correctly simulating the equipment and tactics utilized in a real fight.

We must first identify woodsball from digital paintball in order to learn how to play it efficiently. Woodsball is played on less defined 3D terrain than digital paintball, which employs pre-painted representations of defined terrain. This allows the player to go closer to imagined lines of battle position. In general, the more fictitious lines you have, the better.

The marksman and shooter can cover more ground by using less defined terrain. The most noticeable distinction between the two is that a digital player is limited in the types of terrain they may influence, whereas a proficient woodsballer can navigate the entire stage by representing the terrain in front of and behind them. A proficient woodsballer, as you might expect, will drop their opponents rapidly because of superior shooting.

On average, a team with a strong marksman scores approximately 20% more points than a team without one. However, depending on the amount of players in the game, an expert marksman can win a game by himself (with only 1 or 2 people) using terrain or cunning positioning. However, just like in real life fights, teams are never completely evenly balanced.

Trees – bushes, trees, fences, tents, and so on — will always have a degree of terrain effect based on their usage and size, regardless of who you’re competing against. Because a single player cannot entirely dominate a terrain with accuracy and ability, they must rely on their colleagues to accomplish so. Unlike other sports, though, trees can be touched.

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The basics of playing woodsball

If you’re a beginner, it’s critical to master the fundamentals initially. You should practice firing semi-automatic and pump action paintball guns, for example. This is a must-have for any newcomer to the game. Once you’ve mastered these two weapons, you can graduate to more complex weapons like electronic markers. If you’re new to paintball, you probably already know that renting a gun, hiring a pro, or cheating will set you back extra money.

We, on the other hand, believe in paying it forward. The more paintball you play, the better you become and the fortunate you become; FocusPremium members will receive 10% off any rental gun purchase*. Find out how to get started and what you’ll get in return for your efforts. Some people prefer to use air cannons, an air compressor, or a “live” air tank. Have a great day playing paintball!

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For Beginners [Exterior shots of simple gravel pits or playfields without barriers. An uneven playing field is what makes paintball such a great sport for beginners.]

The Basics

1. Paintball Setup

1a. Setup the Playing Field How you setup the playing field can make a HUGE difference in whether you like the game or not. It’s easy to make the field uneven with too much grass or not enough dirt. Try a mix of both to see what you like best.

Sow Over: Place a small handful of seeds into paddy land. Plant paddy soil 4-8 inches deep and cover with organic mulch made specifically for paddy fields. Plant an area a good 20-30 feet from the playing field as this is the front line for plenty of sunlight. Sow Chunks: Plant chucks or small shovel full of soil to create an uneven playing field.

2. Paintball Grip The grip of a paintball gun is one of the most important pieces to figure out before you even shoot the gun.


Getting started in woodsball

If you are just getting started in the wonderful game of woodsball, then here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Find a field near you.

2. Get to know the field.

3. Join a team.

4. Learn the basic rules.

5. Have fun and don’t worry about winning.

The options for paintball equipment are endless. There are many different brands that make paintball guns, and there are multiple manufacturers of paintball guns. However, all paintball guns generally fall into one of three main categories: air guns, tanks, and buckets.

The most basic sort of end-user paintball gun is an air gun (also known as an air compressor). The type of air and the type of reservoir are the two main variations between the two types of firearms. The reservoir provides the cannon with energy by providing it with air at different speeds. A tank (sometimes known as a drum tank) is a bigger container that can carry a considerable amount of paint.

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The paint is pushed out of the tank and into the air hose as you increase the pressure through the air hose onto the tank. The paintball gun uses the tank as an energy source, producing greater pressure to propel the paintball out of the barrel. Paintball barrels work similarly to paint cans. The colorful pigment is held in the barrel, and when fired, it pours down into the target area, asserting its power.

A barrel is the name given to each segment of the bore. The majority of modern paintballs are black, although some are still white or other colors (depending on the player’s outfit)! It’s critical that you buy paint that matches the color of your field. You don’t want to buy a gun with a black barrel if you’re going to play on a predominantly white field. When selecting paint, make sure to select the color that will most closely match the color of your field. Tip: Look for a rifle that has a high-rate air reservoir on its packing or carry-out.


Paintball guns for woodsball

When it comes to playing paintball, the most vital piece of equipment is the paintball gun. Paintball guns are divided into two types: pump guns and mechanical guns. A pump gun is similar to a shotgun with a pump action. To load a new paintball for each shot, you must physically pump a handle back and forth. Mechanical weapons are similar to automatic weapons.

The rifle continues to fire and reloads itself. Mechanical guns are preferable for beginners, whereas pump guns are better for expert players. Varying kinds of firearms utilize different ratios of paint to air, just like varied kinds of ice cream use different ratios of milk to cream.

For example, pump guns use nearly 5 gallons of paint for every 1 gallon of air. Mechanical guns use about 3 gallons of paint for every 1.5 gallons of air. A paintball gun comes in different sizes. Pump guns are usually 4×4 and can hold 25 or 40 balls of paint depending on the capacity. A while ago, some companies started making lids that can be used with either of the two kinds of guns mentioned above.

This means that buying the lids is no longer an option for the small players so that ‘the big boys’ can have a better place to put their paintballs. Pump-action air guns (two-barreled guns with two wheels on the back of the gun) usually come in 4×4 and 4×5 configurations. Machine guns are usually 4×6, 6×6, 8×8, or 12×12. To let you set your limits, the 12×12 guns usually hold 2 hostage or 40 balls of paint.

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For users that want something smaller and lighter, 3-gun paintball guns are usually the way to go. They’re specifically designed to fit into a backpack, attached to a handle, and shoot from a distance of ‘only’ 400 to 800 feet. A good paintball gun will have to be able to shoot both air and paint. Luckily, the paintball canister is there to help you with this.


Finding a field and getting there

The best way to find a field is to find out what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about, and then finding a way to make a living doing what you’re passionate about. The more specific you can be about what it is you want to do, the easier it’ll be to find it. Once you know your ideal field of play — or a few good candidates — here’s a summary of the steps we recommend: Ask yourself questions like these as you start out: Now read on for our detailed overview of each topic, followed by recommended reading and resources.

If you’re brand new to woodsball and don’t know where to start, start with reviewing the Beginner’s Guide to Woodball for more information. What is woodball, you may be wondering? Let’s break it down with the Beginner’s Guide to Woodball. Learn how it works and get your ball first (and best) by reading through this simple primer on why using paintball is a good idea after spending a long time shooting paintball on the side.

Next, pick your skill level and make a list of what you want to tackle. For some people, that will be club rules and for others, it will be the paintball field experience itself. It depends on you and your goals. You always start out shooting either revolvers or blanks. How do you pick which to shoot? Well, the first time you compete with loaded blanks, this will probably be the easiest (you’ll learn why later!).

When switching to revolvers, however, getting acclimated to the entire recoil/reload cycle, as well as learning how to control the breech and extractor pin jutting out the back, is a mental shift. Starting with blanks and improving from there is a decent rule of thumb. Shoot in different weather situations to see how many kickers you can get, compare your results, and learn how to increase your score.


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