[Updated] Can Airsoft Guns Kill? | 2021 What You Should Know

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The answer to this question “Can Airsoft Guns Kill” is found in this article. When comparing Airsoft guns to their real-steel counterparts, folks new to Airsoft or who happen upon Airsoft online are typically astounded at how realistic Airsoft firearms appear. Many comparisons between genuine firearms and Airsoft reproductions have been made, both online and in the media.

Many times, law enforcement (including some weapons experts) have been asked to distinguish between a genuine firearm and an Airsoft replica, and they have been unable to do so without handling both.

Due to the close resemblance of Airsoft replicas to real firearms, other parallels between the two are possible. While it’s probably the last thing on most people’s minds, it’s possible that some people will wonder if Airsoft guns can kill.

Airsoft guns, on the other hand, are incapable of killing. Plastic BBs are fired at a lower velocity than would be required to kill using airsoft guns. It’s extremely unlikely that this would happen, and it would be a freak occurrence.

I’m not interested in killing with an Airsoft replica. The majority of people aren’t either. While Airsoft guns are not intended to kill, they can injure people if they are not handled correctly or as intended.

After some thought and investigation, I’ve come to the conclusion that you might be able to kill insects and possibly some very small creatures, but larger animals or humans are exceedingly doubtful.

However, as with any sport, injury is a possibility. A replica gun can easily shoot out an eye, tear ear drums, and chip teeth during an Airsoft game, to name a few traumas.


By their very nature, airsoft guns are not lethal. The BBs are made of materials that lack the mass required to deliver enough harm to kill. While they may kill some smaller animals, there is no certainty that a clean kill will occur.

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An animal may be harmed or, in the worst-case scenario, suffer tremendously before passing away. It will certainly kill insects or small lizards. Airsoft reproductions simply don’t have the strength to take down larger animals. Make a comparison between Airsoft guns and other forms of air guns, or even actual firearms, if you’re still unsure.

There is a variety of information on muzzle energy available on the internet. Finding the muzzle energy, as well as other units of measurement, will enable calculations that will demonstrate how an Airsoft replica cannot kill larger animals or humans.

The kinetic energy of a bullet when it exits a firearm is measured as muzzle energy. The unit of measurement for this energy is foot pounds (ft•lb). Calculating muzzle energy for an Airsoft replica can give a rough indication of how likely (or unlikely) it is that a shot will cause enough damage to kill someone.

Let’s start with the Airsoft doppelganger…

A plastic Airsoft BB (.30 gram) fired at 400 feet per second produces muzzle energy of around 1.63 foot-pounds force, according to my calculations (2.22 joules).

In comparison…

The muzzle energy of a 230 grain (15 gram).45 ACP bullet shot at 835 feet per second is around 355.2 foot-pounds force (483.26 joules).

As can be seen, the muzzle energy of a.45 ACP is approximately 217 times that of an Airsoft BB. Remember that an Airsoft BB is made of plastic and does not have the same mass as a.45 ACP bullet.

To put this in perspective, due to a lack of mass and velocity, the Airsoft BB lacks the stopping power and ability to cause a wound large enough to kill.


It is contingent on the situation.
The size of the animal, the weight of the BB, and the force behind the projectile will all determine whether or not an Airsoft replica can kill a little nuisance. The muzzle energy is usually insufficient to cause considerable damage to a larger animal or a human, as seen above. We do not encourage shooting or attempting to hunt animals with an Airsoft gun because it would be inhumane.

This is where the phrase “it depends” enters the picture… An Airsoft replica with a high FPS, heavier BBs, and a well-placed shot could be effective against tiny pests like birds, lizards, and frogs.

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If you’re wondering if an Airsoft replica can be used to scare away animals, I’d say yes. Depending on the type of pest you’re dealing with, you can easily get rid of them in a variety of ways that don’t involve your Airsoft gun.


We’ve already established that Airsoft replicas aren’t designed to kill, and that they’re more likely to kill small birds, lizards, and other tiny animals. Airsoft reproductions, on the other hand, can get you killed.

Death by Law Enforcement
Airsoft replicas are made to look like real guns and are often difficult to tell apart. Officers have only a fraction of a second to evaluate if the threat warrants the use of deadly force. If you brandish your replica and a danger is detected, the Airsoft replica may be used to murder you.

Trying to defend yourself with an Airsoft imitation is a bad idea. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight when you bring an Airsoft replica into a situation when the aggressor is carrying a real pistol. While there have been reports of homeowners repelling thieves with nothing more than a full-auto Airsoft replica during a house invasion, these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

If you pull a phony gun, the person on the other side of the real gun will almost certainly shoot and kill you. If you’re interested in learning more about Airsoft for self-defense, check out this article.


So, if Airsoft guns aren’t capable of killing, what happens if you get shot by one? If you’re shot by one, you’re usually struck! All kidding aside, you may or may not feel a shot from an Airsoft rifle. The amount of pain you experience will be determined by the power of the Airsoft pistol, the distance from you when the shot was fired, and the outer garments you are wearing.

So, if you’re dressed up and standing fifty feet away when you’re shot by a 200 fps Airsoft replica, odds are what you’re feeling is little more than a light tap. If you bring it in closer and then drop the gear, it may sting and leave a welt.

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Does getting shot by an Airsoft replica Hurt? – Can Airsoft Guns Kill

Pain is a personal experience. What may be really painful for some may not be so for others. However, there are always certain crucial spots where getting struck by an Airsoft BB hurts, and sometimes it hurts a lot. Ears, eyes, facial areas, neck, knuckles, and knee caps are all common places where a BB propelled by a good FPS would sting.



While no one enjoys falling, it is a possibility when you are out on the Airsoft battlefield, where you will be sprinting, jumping, and maybe scaling barriers. Even a 3 to 5 foot fall might result in serious injuries that necessitate a trip to the hospital.

Sprains & Strains

Another form of injury that might occur when you’re moving is a sprain. Furthermore, they can knock you out of the game just as rapidly as being hit by the opposition…but for a far longer period of time. Ankle sprains and muscular strains are common, but they can be avoided. Warming up before the battle, wearing decent footwear, and being aware of your surroundings can all help you avoid injuries like these.

Eyes & Ears

Without a doubt, injuries to your eyes and ears can have long-term, if not fatal consequences. If you were hit in the eye, you could lose your vision permanently. A BB making its way through your ear canal and into your ear drum would not only hurt like hell, but it might also permanently destroy your hearing. Taking one in the eye is likely to be the most common of the two.

Airsoft reproductions aren’t meant to kill you. They fire plastic BBs at a modest velocity, and the BBs lack the bulk required to cause fatal wounds. This suggests that it could happen due to an incredibly unusual accidental accident or a bizarre infection. While Airsoft itself cannot kill, displaying an extremely realistic imitation of real –steel could result in your death. Other injuries are possible while playing Airsoft, although that is to be expected in almost any sport.

I’ll see you in the battleground!


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