[Updated] Dye i4 vs i5 | What You Should Know Before Buying

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This article ontains Dye i4 vs i5 | Which Is The Best Choice? | 2021 (Updated). The Dye i4 is a great mask and the Dye i5. Both are so fantastic that purchasers are sometimes confused about which mask they can finally purchase. You probably have the same confusion if you have only checked for Dye i4 Vs i5 or something in these sides.

You probably consider a Dye model if you are searching for a paintball mask of high quality that provides effective security in the field. For paintballers who want their protective equipment to the extra miles, this leading manufacturer is a common option. The Dye i4 and i5 are two of the brand’s best selling options.

Hopefully, our post will enable you to choose a winner you can purchase!


Dye i4 vs i5 | Which Is The Best Choice? | 2021 (Updated)

Although these two masks look at first glance relatively straightforward, there are distinct differences which make them better adapted to individual requirements. Who can’t be sure about? In order to help choose the right mask for your needs, we have broken down the main differences between the two

The Dye i4 – (Dye i4 vs i5)

Let us take time to concentrate on each of the main aspects before we break down the main discrepancies between the two masks. Although considered the most basic of both, the Dye i4 offers excellent details. The i4 comes with an overly adequate anti-fog thermal double panel lens.

Dye i4

It is also a light option, which falls into the category of ultra light. You can also expect a decent vision area with the i4 and a viewing angle of 290 degrees. The Dye i4 is outstanding in peripheral vision efficiency.

You are sorely disappointed by the i4 if you are looking to be alert to replace the foam coating in your mask. But the Dye i4 offers reliable UV defense so that you can look forward to even the most bright conditions playing paintball. The mask is also useful for protecting the ears.

The mask contains soft and flexible ear parts, which shield the ears extensively and reduce the risk of injury if a paintball is too close to the ear canal. In chin defense, however, this mask fails. You can expect the Dye i4 to have a fundamental level of chin defense but it is not as good as i5 and other versions.

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However, the Dye i4 provides excellent sound quality. Within and outside your helmet, you should anticipate excellent visibility. This mask enables you to be attentive and constantly conscious of your environment. The good sound clarity in the helmet is also a good mask choice for those who want voice contact in the game. You can also swap lens parts pretty easily with this mask.

You should expect to change lenses in no more than ten seconds, as long as you know what you are doing.

The i4 has no replaceable foam, sadly. You can still rub the old moisture and use an i5 moisture insert with a DIY work involving glue, some simple tools, some patience, but it does not have replaceable moisture.

The i4 has no phenomenal dialing strap to tighten or unwind the strap only in the direction of the clock and counterclockwise. This is a perfect feature to get your mask off easily and get a fresh air and put it on again quickly, in a few seconds.



The Dye i5 – (Dye i4 vs i5)

Those with a bigger budget certainly ought to take the Dye i5 into account. This state-of-the-art mask model provides major improvements over the i4. The i5 is equipped with a double-panel thermal lens type, like its previous model. This lens also works to stabilize the condensation and has outstanding anti-fog effects. This mask can also be used in a wide range of colors.

In total, you can choose from more than 20 different colors. This mask is also a model that is really bright. Like the i4, the Dye i5 mask falls into the ultra-light class. Lenses can very easily be swapped, most replacements only take 10 seconds.

Dye i5

Visual field is like the Dye i4. You will enjoy a 290-degree view here, so this mask is valuable if you search for first-class peripheral vision. In terms of UV security, this mask is also given. It also protects the ears effectively. Like the i4, the Dye i5 includes versatile and soft earpieces that provide a full buffer against incoming paintball rings.

The i5 has a phenomenal rotary dial strap, which you could only tighten or loosen to the clockwise and counterclockwise. This is a fantastic feature to remove your mask easily to get fresh air and put it back on again in few seconds.

In addition, this mask model offers you more defense against chin compared to the i4. Chin security here, however, is classified only as a medium. If you want higher chin defense rates for tournament scenarios, you will want to invest in something better.

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There are some improvements that distinguish the i5 from the i4. The key advantage of the Dye i5 is that foam inserts can be replaced. Changes are fast and simple and allow you to replace old foam inserts with a simple push button mechanism.

The turning dial change includes other user-friendly design information. The i5 can also be connected to the wireless e.VOKE system.

The i5 is bigger als the i4. Mainly in the chin region, the extra surface area was given. Whereas the i5 does not protect your kid completely yet, it does a lot better than the i4 that can expose your kid, particularly when the jawline is prominent.



Dye i4 Vs i5 – Additional differences

Apart from the main ones above, there are several other differences. The i5 allows you to carry your voice better than the i4. Sounds that come in also get better on the i5.

The eVOKE wireless device is also compliant. The i5 has a mount built-in if you want to hook up your GoPro camera.

Now, much of the Dye i4 Vs i5 post will sound like I5 went. However, you need to note that between the two masks there is a gap of $50 or more. The i4 can look quite damn attractive if the price you pay is quite relevant for you because it is almost the same as the i5 without turn dial strap, slightly bigger cover and a replaceable foam feature.

In conclusion, therefore, we will assume that choosing between i5 and i4 would strictly depend on the type of features you want from your mask. If there is no problem with money, go for the i5. You cannot go wrong here. You can’t go wrong.

Key Advantages of the Dye i5

It’s time to explore the major advantages of the i5 but we’ve spoken a little about the differtances between these two dye masks. The choice to substitute for new ones existing foam inserts gives the i5 an advantage over the i4. More than excuses the extra costs of the teeth i5, the freedom to replace older foam.

Too many paintballers cast a working mask otherwise, since the foam inserts saw a better day. Replacement foam insertions cost a small portion of an entirely new mask, so the i5 saves you a considerable amount of money with its replaceable nature if you’re a paintballer committed to protecting your gear.

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It’s also a more attractive option because the Dye i5 improves the chin defense. You can immediately see a disparity in scale between the two masks if you set out the i4 alongside the i5. The Dye i5, particularly the chin, is significantly larger than the Dye i4.

Additional chin protection is desirable, but it should be remembered that the Dye i5 only gives this part of the face a moderate level of protection. Anyone with a chin injury would naturally appreciate this extra shielding while playing paintball. The Dye i5 is certainly the favorite model for anyone with a bigger jawline.

Another major feature of the Dye i5 is the revolutionary torque dial adjustment. This turntable strap makes it very easy to change the mask to make it unbelievably firm. Turning the strap in the direction of the clock tightens its overall appearance and loosens it by turning the strap in the other direction. This ensures that the work of moments suits and removes the mask. This is not just helpful to start and finish a game.

We would commend the ingenuity of this modification of the harness. Although the I4 naturally contains safe braces, you have to deal with lourde loops to match your mask and remove it.

In other areas, the Dye i5 also increases the i4. Slightly clearer than i4, you can assume with the i5. When you wear the i5, your voice carries a little more than when you use the i4. The Dye i5 also gives your room greater sound clarity. The i5 is only one of the two choices if you’re looking for a mask that is compatible with the e.Voke wireless device.

This revolutionary feature ensures, even while wearing your mask, you can keep an eye on items such as paints, shot tracking and more. However, to enjoy this feature, you have to carry a compatible gun.

To conclude:

Even though the Dye i5 has an advantage over the i4, both masks are premial designs. The overall comfort is similar, even though the i5 offers better protection against chin and more comfortable adjustments for the harness. Lens technology is also pretty matched for peripheral vision. However, in some ways, the i5 outdoes the i4.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect is e.Voke wireless device connectivity, which the i5 does not have. The price difference between the two masks is small.


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