Speedball Paintball Bunkers Build — Step-By-Step Guide 2021

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Speedball Paintball Bunkers Build — The Step-By-Step Guide 2021. Have you ever fantasized about owning a paintball field? Now’s your opportunity to shine. This is a step-by-step guide to constructing your very own speedball paintball bunkers. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

If you’re new to paintball, one of the most perplexing things is figuring out the various types of paintball field equipment. New words like speedball, scenario, woodsball, and bunker are flung around and used indiscriminately, which doesn’t help matters. It’s difficult enough to comprehend what a bunker is in general, let alone how to plan and construct one. This post will teach you the fundamentals of paintball bunkers.

Speedball Paintball Bunkers Build — Step-By-Step Guide


How to build a speedball bunker for paintball – Speedball Paintball Bunkers

I indicated in my earlier post on how to make a paintball speedball bunker that I utilized the fill from a truckload of road base to construct the speedball bunker. I figured I’d show you some photos so you could have a better understanding of what I done. I got a picture of the truck that had the merchandising truck filled up and ready to go to the landfill to get a sense of the size I was making.

I’ve stated that a few of times when creating the speedball bunker, but I need to remind myself. Looking for possibilities to divide up your tools or processes was the first semi-survivable method I learned. When I build mine, I frequently utilize the pipe wrench comparison, which I now recognize is only partially accurate.

The pipe wrench metaphor is actually a metaphor for removing terminal balls. I was forced to break down my tools even further once I broke into the truck’s access panel, despite the fact that I might have gotten there with a fluke hammer stroke. I mentioned earlier that I use a piece of class PVC pipe as a counterbalance to keep the hammers from tipping over.

I’ve also mentioned that I use steel door stops to keep the hammers from crashing to the ground. Despite the fact that some of the elements are little (such as the door stops and the pipe wrench), everything is rather heavy. You don’t want that hammer to fly in the air and collide with the wall. To lessen the chances, I’ve removed the access panel and turned the floor into a padded steel box.

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This offers me something to focus on in order to keep the hammers from tipping over. My first goal was to utilize plywood, however plywood doesn’t have the same bounce as a solid piece of steel, such as wood. It was insufficient to rely just on the counterbalance, door stops, and steel frame. I have to elaborate on that.


Parts list, costs, and tools needed to build a bunker – Speedball Paintball Bunkers

It’s a good idea to have a rough estimate of expenses and a broad parts list for your bunker. This will help you determine whether it is affordable and how much you can spend on various components of bunker construction. There are three basic phases to follow in any new construction project.

It’s a good idea to measure everything before starting on the framing, insulation, and plumbing. All of our hardware (excluding flooring) was purchased from Lowest, and the threaded studs, stud rods, and rare earth magnets we purchased were 3/4″ thick at the time.

It was critical to obtain an identical part because you would be purchasing flooring in a few months, and selecting an L-shaped stud that is actually 1/2″ thick does not seem appealing. Don’t do me a favor and spend the money you’ll be able to recuperate later; instead, leave some room in your budget. It was time to put everything together after unboxing all of the hardware.

You might have to improvise a little with where you put things together here and there. If that’s the case, be delicate; a light sanding is always beneficial; and work slowly and cautiously. If there is a speedier option, please take advantage of it. We used the bandsaw to cut up our plywood and the router to level the boards, so framing was a breeze.

We indicated the locations of all the lights and switches on the doors and windows, as well as the flooring and stud rods. We didn’t have to mill anything or utilize templates, so cutting everything was quite simple. We marked where electrical outlets would go after clearing off an area for each light. It was time to lay down the flooring now that some spots had been marked.


Step-by-step directions for building your own speedball bunker – Speedball Paintball Bunkers

In this section, I’ll walk you through the process of making your own speedball bunker. Driving a bespoke car over the simulated desert can be exhausting, similar to competing in multiple cross-country races. It would be silly for me to tell you how to design the ultimate paintball truck because it is your virtual house. To make your car your own, you should regard it as a basis and then add specific configurations following configurations.

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Now that you know what constitutes a great paintball vehicle, you can build one based on specific criteria like “How many high-capacity paintball magazines should I have?” or “Should my speedball be able to withstand recoil?” It’s time to pick what to build in your car now that you’ve determined it’s the best option. You can create a complete lighting setup including lights, strobes, a relocation system, a sound system, an in-vehicle monitor, and a chainsaw, among other things.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on speedball weaponry. The KOTAR maneuver landings, as well as the motorized wheelchair and air compressor, are personal favorites. You need good illumination before you can build anything. The main goal of sufficient paintball lighting is to reduce eye strain and tiredness. However, you should evaluate how vivid your colors should be based on your preferences.

Colors that are too bright can harm your eyes. You’ll also require sufficient extraction and disposal container systems. Dumping your spent paintballs all over the ground is not a smart idea. People who do not enjoy playing paintball are welcome to remove all superfluous components from their paintball vehicle. Air extraction and disposal systems are also required.


Tips and tricks for painting the bunker walls – Speedball Paintball Bunkers

Painting the walls of your bunker is a terrific way to personalize it and make it feel more like home. You won’t need many tools or resources to complete the task. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your next painting job: 1) Get your walls ready. Our fortifications are literally crumbling. I spend 20 minutes painting the walls every time I move my Ikea couch. Paint leaks all over the place, and the drywall eventually chips through, damaging everything.

Your speedball paintball stands, like your walls, will need to be primed, sealed, and focused before you can paint them. I used spray paint, but the color you choose will also influence the look of your entryway. Monochrome, black, bright yellow and bright green are the colors used in speedball paintball. Indoor paint colors range from light gray to dark gray. The outer EnviroQuatro paint is quite black and varies depending on the season.

Experiment with several color combinations to discover what works best with your existing walls, and you’ll have a lovely entryway. Before you even consider setting up your speedball paintball workstation, clear all of the muck off your walls. I used to be a big collector of gunk, and utilizing speedball paintball stuff only made things worse. Clean the inside of the paint booth, as well as the walls and corners. My walls are frequently covered in a coating of fining or another chemical that obliterates the original color.

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I use a combination of OxiClean and compressed air, but if you’re feeling very inventive, you could simply purchase a Molotow spray can and spray it all over the walls. Spray cans from Molotow hold enough paint for a 90-minute game, although I normally only play one or two full games before recycling the cans. 2) Construct your paint gun. The end result is a paint cartridge that you can put into your paint gun and shoot at your target. You have the option of shooting laser-blue spheres or the larger diameter spheres in the game.


Tips and tricks for painting the floor of the bunker – Speedball Paintball Bunkers

  1. The floor needs to be level and smooth.
  2. Spray primer all over the floor.
  3. Mix together the water based paint and the floor paint.
  4. Apply the paint with a brush in the direction of the wood grain.
  5. Let the paint dry and apply two more coats of paint.

Time to make your paintballing quarantined safe space more livable.


A light cardboard tent will fit inside your door frame, providing a pleasant area for you to sit and contemplate on what a tragedy this is and why certain groups of people struggle to manage their wrath. From each end of the tent to the floor, three poles should reach. Making the loops on the cloth poles larger is a wonderful modification. This will let you to hang your paintball gun in a variety of locations. If there’s one thing your quarantined life has taught you, it’s that everything you possess leaks.

This means that after several years of living with batshit crazy individuals, every surface within your house will eventually leak. To avoid harborage, don’t store sofas and couches the way you normally would while you’re away. Instead, place a fold-out chair or table inside your doorframe to serve as both storage and a flotation device. Shelves are permitted as well, as long as they do not reach beyond the floor. In practice, this entails maintaining a war castle with as little spillage as possible (i.e., avoid placing items on uneven surfaces).

It’s also critical to clean up after yourself so that spilled paintballs don’t pour beneath your doorframe. This will also extend the life of your flooring and avoid any harborage. Technique: It is necessary to alter the paint on a regular basis. It’s not just good physical safety to take a break from your paintballing bunker; it’s also smart business.

The amount of time it takes for paints and primers to dry varies. Beginners should stick to primers like Rustoleum’s Galvanized White or AnAdi’s Hard Adhesive Lead Acid Pre-Primer, which takes around twenty minutes to apply and bonds aggressively in ten minutes.


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