[Updated] Why is CO2 Used in Paintball Guns? | 2021

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This article has a response Why is CO2 Used in Paintball Guns. The most common method for recharging paintball gun tanks is carbon dioxide. CO2 tanks are commonly included with budget-friendly markers, but they’re also found on many mid-range rifles. These tanks allow you to shoot paintball bullets from your gun, with the stored liquid converting to gas when released.

Paintball guns are usually driven by air sources, which help the paintball cycle and propel. Carbon dioxide (C02) is a widely used propellant that is normally housed in small cartridges or huge tanks attached to the paintball marker. So, how exactly does a CO2 paintball pistol function?

A CO2 paintball gun operates as follows: after cocked, the paintball falls from the hopper into the barrel of the gun. A tiny burst of CO2 is then released, pushing the paintball ahead with enormous force and allowing it to move forward. This process is similar to that of a compressed air-powered marker.

CO2 Tank Varieties – Why is CO2 Used in Paintball Guns?

CO2 tanks are available in two types: refillable and disposable. A refillable CO2 tank is the best alternative if you want to save money in the long run. Most refillable tanks are built of aluminum and come with a sturdy valve to allow for frequent refilling. In a pinch, disposable C02 tanks can be utilized, but you’ll need to reinvest in numerous tanks for longer games.

Benefits of CO2 Tanks – Why is CO2 Used in Paintball Guns

Since the invention of the first paintball gun, C02 has been the preferred pressure source. As a result, practically every paintball player is familiar with C02, its refilling stages, and corresponding performance levels. This is one of the key reasons why, despite HPA tanks becoming more widely available and affordable, C02 tanks remain popular.

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CO2 tanks, on the other hand, remain the most cost-effective pressure source. Even throwaway tanks are inexpensive, allowing gamers to buy multiple tanks for use during a single tournament. Refills are also reasonably priced. Alternatives such as HPA refills are now unable to compete with the cost of C02.

There are also C02 tanks and refills easily available. Almost every paintball field will have C02 tank replenishment stations. C02 replacements can be found at a variety of sporting goods stores.

Gamers will almost never be required to fill their own tanks. The ease of usage of C02 is another major factor in its sustained popularity. Because of their compact size, CO2 tanks are incredibly convenient to use when playing paintball.

Because of their modest size, they may be linked to even small markers without blocking sights or triggers. They also have a habit of giving you a huge number of shots with each refill.

CO2 Tank Disadvantages

C02 tanks, though inexpensive and practical, have certain drawbacks. External temperatures can cause problems for C02 tanks. If the outside temperature drops too low, stored CO2 can become cold, affecting fire performance significantly. High exterior temperatures are the same. This is a problem that all paintball players are likely to face unless C02 tanks are kept at stable temperatures at all times.


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