9 Best Paintball Gloves of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (Updated)

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This article contains 9 Best Paintball Gloves of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (Updated). One of the toughest feelings is to shoot your hands without paintball gloves! Be sure to cover your hands and fingers so that you don’t have to justify what happened at work on Monday.

We wear paintball gloves with half finger and finger, ranging from $10 to $40. Make sure you stop or call us to know what gloves we think are perfect for your budget and style. If you’re here and try paintball handkerchiefs before buying them.

Paintball gloves are a critical component of your armor, and the first novice will forget them. In the first place, the best paintball gloves provide your hands with an important protective layer when playing. Income rounds of paintball can be severe when they touch naked skin, tense knuckles and tendons.

While your hands are not a recommended target for enemy fire, if you are played regularly, you can expect high impacts. You may have a high level paintball marker available to competitors, but even the best paintball weapon will not work if your hands are well prepared to deal with it.

Paintball gloves not only protect your hands of injury, but also improve your marker handling and play results. Your overall grip can be also strengthened by primitive gloves, but synthetic parts on the palm and finger inserts are integrated with better design on the market to guarantee an even better hold on your gun.

Material Specifics – Best Paintball Gloves

Gloves from Paintball have to be resistant to heavy and daily use. For example, when buying for new paintball gloves, the material is an essential element to consider.

Few guys are made of naturally durable materials, such as leather, but the majority of leading producers are made of high-quality synthetic materials. The palm and hand back are key places to concentrate on when it comes to materials.

These vast areas are more likely to suffer from the effects of the new paintball round, not to mention the wear and tear of impacts from the ground and the surroundings.

All of this crawling and diving is affected by the best paintball gloves so you won’t guarantee that your pair holds up to this high level of octane action. Consequently, enhanced padding is a must. Make sure that you have chosen a pair where the padding is safe and holds up for several games.

You want a pair that includes additional armor in the back of the hand when you’re following higher standards of defense. This is typically in rubberized elements or in plastic, even though foam padding is popular.

This material helps not only to protect the skin from the blow’s bulk but also to bounce. Want to find out more about the protection of other important areas during paintball? See our buyer’s guide for reviews of today’s best knee pads and elbow pads!

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Almost always, grip components consist of rubber or related synthetic material. They may also have thin rainbows to increase grip overall. The best handle grips work well under all weather conditions ensuring your marker remains efficient even under the weather.

Best Paintball Gloves Varieties

There are four major styles of paintball gloves, generally speaking, that are currently on the market. Without a doubt, paintball enthusiasts are the best-known and most famous fingerless gloves.

This design provides enough security for the palm and the back of the hand, thus leaving the essential numbers free to monitor paintball markers and the handling of accessories.

Premium security of the back of the hand, usually in a sturdy plastic plate is one of the best fingerless paintball gloves. If you have invested in a half-decent protective package, plastic armor can provide all the shock absorption that you might need.

This approach to the design of paintball gloves is a good option for amateurs who look for all-around defense and top-quality dexterity. Another explanation for beginner’s love of fingerless gloves is that they are relatively cheap compared to other types.

Yet even more seasoned players opt for fingerless gloves while they continue to play paintball. We can easily find lighter and compact choices with such fingerless guides that dispense thick, material padding layers with bulky plastic.

You can still find acceptable levels of impact safety with such gloves, only with the additional advantage of greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

Full Finger Protection

If you are especially concerned about paintball effects and other scrapes and scuffs on your fingers when playing, a full finger glove might be your way. Such paintball gloves without any doubt offer maximum security to your numbers and hands.

However, this premium standard of security comes with a large trade-off. A whole finger glove will limit freedom of movement considerably. The addition of armor elements on the back of the hand will further hamper the dexterity.

If you have not to wear a full-finger glove before, you have to spare time in order to settle in it and ensure that your marker and other necessities are properly monitored.

You don’t need to discount full-finger gloves when dexterity is something that you aren’t ready to compromise. Some designs have chosen a more wall-back finger safety approach by swaping out armor plates for incorporated padding.

You may also display the tips of your full finger gloves, which gives your marker and gear greater control.

Sleeve Paintball Gloves

The paintball glove sleeve style is certainly the right way to go for the paintballer who wants complete free movement. You just have to look at a sleeve glove to see if it varies from other hand safety in paintball.

The fingers are left entirely unprotected with a sleeved glove, however you can still appreciate maximum mobility for better handling of the signs. This does not mean the sleeve gloves give bad credentials of defense.

This variety also provides a lot of palm defense, while paintball impacts and other shocks are still protected on the back of the side. Sleeve gloves that have a worse fit than other types should not be worried either.

With adjustable wrist sleeves and robust thumb holes, the sleeve gloves fit perfectly on the neck, the fabric is cut as near as possible to the knuckle.

The Best of Both Worlds

Looking for something that incorporates absolute finger glove safety and freedom in the form of a sleeve? You should have the ideal middle ground on your two finger paintball glove.

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The fact that many paintballs enthusiasts also change whole finger gloves by themselves is an answer to this type of best paintballs glove.

We’re talking about removing fingertips and triggering finger material in particular. The two finger gloves are the way you need to ensure superior skill and ready access to fast fire in the field.


9 Best Paintball Gloves of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (Updated)

Now it is time to deepen your insight into what is actually on the markets for you to look for when you buy protective equipment. Below you find some of the best paintball gloves, with good designs and budgetary options from leading manufacturers that will not break the bank.

Tippmann Armored Gloves – Hard Back/Fingerless

Tippmann Armored Gloves – Hard Back - Fingerless

If you have a budget-friendly option of paintball gloves, these Tippmann armored gloves deserve more attention. These fingerless gloves combine the best of freedom of movement with daily defense in classic black to facilitate alignment with the remaining protective gear.

With its fingerless nature, you can always enjoy the utmost skill and defense against incoming fire is provided by the armored feature at the back of the hand.

Moreover, an adjustable bracelet ensures that these gloves remain in place constantly. In the design of these gloves, a light synthetic material with a respiratory mesh was used, to ensure that your hands experience another comfort layer when playing. The palm defense is however on the least hand.



Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves – Stealth Black – Large/X-Large

Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves

These Maddog tactical half-foot gloves are a great choice for those who want an impressive blend of mobility and robust defense. These gloves provide little extra protection for each digit, as opposed to gloves with the fingerless variety, which stretch parts of the armor up to the center of the finger.

The design of such gloves has been made from a mesh fabric that ensures high breathability and comfort with additional palm padding for plenty of protection.

The back of your hand is also well-guarded, with low tactical protection on your hand to make sure that paintball rounds do not cause too much discomfort if you touch your hands when you play.

With the elastic bracelet, a locking buckle holds both gloves together while they are not in use. You can depend on a simple fit. It’s definitely worth examining if you’re in the grip of paintball after plenty of control and defense.



HK Army FULL FINGER Hardline Paintball Gloves (Olive HSTL Camo, X-Large)

HK Army FULL FINGER Hardline Paintball Gloves

These Hardline Paintball Gloves from HK Army are the way to go if you are after complete safety level when paintball is over. These are a breathtaking choice with a slick khaki green and a black color, but the show’s main star are the safety credentials of these gloves.

Neoprene padding protects the hands from incoming rounds of paint, with handles still lightweight and secure enough for long sessions of paint.

Aero mesha ventilation is also available for your palms and digits, also at higher temperatures, to stay cool and relaxed. A custom palm silicone grip is available to increase performance and handling, while a low-profile wrist brace enables ready adjustments and simple releasing when the playing is over.



HK Army 2014 Pro Paintball Gloves – Stealth – X-Large

HK Army 2014 Pro Paintball Gloves – Stealth – X-Large

If you want to better your paintball performance, it can be worth considering both of HK Army’s finger gloves. With a classic, black style accentuated with grey details and armored features, these HK Army Pro gloves are instantly attractive in esthetics.

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But these gloves are especially impressive because of their defensive skills. The palm has been strengthened by reinforcement, while the back of the hand is covered by sill armors that do not sacrifice flexibility.

These gloves also rank highly when it comes to freedom of movement. The index and center of the finger are left free and open for easy handling, but safety is still given up to the knuckle. These are worth spending a little more in the designer look, premium security and high durability.



AXBXCX Camouflage Full Finger Tactical Gloves

AXBXCX Camouflage Full Finger Tactical Gloves

These Gloves of AXBCXC are the way to secure your full finger at an unbreakable price. There is a palm padded for absorbing impacts and making your marker more convenient to handle, while synthetic elements increase grip.

The entire construction of these gloves will guarantee a longer lifetime and a superb stitching that ensures everything is in place.
The ventilated microfiber material made out of these gloves ensures the desirable airflow levels, which keep the hands dry and convenient in all weather conditions. Moreover, these gloves are an extremely affordable option.



WTACTFUL Touch Screen Military Tactical Gloves

WTACTFUL Touch Screen Military Tactical Gloves

These tactical gloves are a perfect option for those who use their marker in the field with high standards of defense and optimal care. These full finger gloves are an instant gazebo with a number of elegant colours. Many protective components are available here, with heavy-duty rubberized parts for improved impact protection at the knuckles.

Moreover, the tip of the thumb and middle finger is integrated with synthetic material to enhance contact. These complete finger gloves are very inexpensive and offer plenty of coating value, while great stitching guarantees long-term use. Moreover, the respirable materials provide comfort, while you are well fitted with an adjustable wrist brace.



Valken Full Finger Plastic Back Airsoft Gloves, Tan, X-Large

Valken Full Finger Plastic Back Airsoft Gloves, Tan, X-Large

These full Finger Gloves from Valken show that you don’t have to afford high level security. These gloves combine superb defense with an amazingly skillful design offered by a complete finger variety.

The palm itself is strengthened by an abrasion-resistant padding layer, while a flexible plastic armor part protects the back of the hand. All materials with breathable mesh norm to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency are generally impressive.



YOSUNPING Tactical Rubber Knuckle Full Finger Gloves

YOSUNPING Tactical Rubber Knuckle Full Finger Gloves

Use these tactical full finger gloves to improve your game. These inexpensive gloves are fitted with thermoplastic rubberized elements to provide impressive impact levels, while non-slip honeycomb coating provides great grip.

If these gloves are wear with a low profile approach, it ensures they don’t feel too embarrassing when worn. If you are after a couple of full finger gloves that provide reliable protection and are not too restrictive of your freedom of movement, it is certainly worth a second glance.



Bunkerkings Featherlite Fly Second Skin Multi-Sport Paintball Gloves

Bunkerkings Featherlite Fly Second Skin Multi-Sport Paintball Gloves

If you still find your whole finger-gloves too loud, the second skin fly-fit of these bunkering gloves can certainly attract you. These gloves are discreet and have a low profile and a strapless shape that allows for minimal additional bulk.

These gloves can maintain well heavy duty applications with robust tear-resistant material as usual despite their sleeker design. With palm silicone panels and fingers, you can also look forward to superb grip efficiency, ensuring you have a proper handle on your marker always.



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