How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor | Safety, Steps, and Tips

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How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor. If you are a paintball player, you will know the importance of how to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor. The importance of an air compressor is to make sure that your tank or pods are filled with air prior to any game. An air compressor can be used for filling up your tank or pods with air which is otherwise known as compressed gas.


How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor | Safety, Steps, and Tips

There are three main ways of how to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor and they are by using a manual connection, plugging it in, and filling up the tank from there.

How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor

If you already have a paintball tank and you’re looking to fill it with compressed air, check out this tutorial on how to use an air compressor to get the job done. According to Physics Today, there are five main ways in which air is compressed within the cylinders of a pressure vessel.

The work done by the compressor may be forced into one of the following, and depending on the way in which the work is being done may result in the loss or gain of pressure in your tank. Below is a list of the five main pressure vessels, and the work they perform.

To improve your chances of successfully filling your engine with compressed air, you can focus on one of these. If the restriction of air in your engine is caused by the burning of fuel, the cylinders will be clogged up and the manual air valve will not work properly. You should always check your tank’s filter on a regular basis to ensure that there are no particles of fresh gunk in it.

The cylinder is where the air is compressed from the outer to the innermost part. The work performed by a compression tank is forced into this action through the action of a spring. When the spring unwinds itself, it Compresses the air.

Manual air valves are equipment made for filling a pressure vessel by manually forcing compressed air into the said vessel from an air reservoir. These valves cannot be relied upon to always work and it is strongly recommended that you always try to use a pressure tank with a good manual air valve.

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Once the valve is installed correctly, the air will be forced into the vessel allowing it to be gradually filled until the proportions are right for your game. All you have to do then is tighten the pressure tank plug and restart the cylinder that the valve is connected to.


What the best paintball tank is – How To Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor

The best paintball tank is one that can be used for a variety of paintball games.

Good paintball tanks are those that allow you to use them for both woodsball and speedball paintball. A good paintball tank should be able to be used in both of these types of games.

A typical matching set of components for a good paintball tank fit the following: For this reason, a good standard paintball tank such as the Canax IQ120 comes with the right amount of tank components to take a variety of paintball games. This gives the tank enough durability to be used in multiple games. There are tank sizes that can be filled by hand in most setups.

A good first step for any new tank owner is to get the right air compressor which will include the air tank, regulator, air hose, and the hose that connects to the air compressor. For most people, the best brand to get an air compressor is the MadZean backpack air compressor.

The backpack air compressor is one of the best portable air compressors due to its easy use as well as its reliability. There are plenty of different air compressor types out there that you can choose from so pick the one that works for you. Uses include filling up speedballs or pre-mixing tank paintballs.

For this reason, most tank upgrades include a regulator and regulator upgrade. A good first upgrade is the one that allows the regulator and the hose direct contact with the air hose, improving durability and reliability.

There are bags of paintballs that have air-filled in them when they are placed in the air compressor and these paintballs do need to be changed because the regulator and regulator upgrades will not be able to pull enough air through to put the paintballs in the tank at the proper pressure. A bucket air pump on the other hand does not need to change the paintballs, giving you years of reliable use.


Things you should know about the paintball tank 

Paintball tanks are the source of airpower that feeds the paintball marker. It is the tank that keeps the marker running and allows the players to play the game.

The paintball tanks are made up of High-Pressure Air (HPA) which is non-flammable, non-toxic, and odorless. In order to fill up your paintball tank with air, you need to plug it in. When done, you will have a perfectly filled paintball tank with a huge return air volume.

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It is important to fill up your tanks with enough air so that you aren’t restricted in space as well as having enough air pressure to blow any air pockets in the marker. Merely plugging the air in for your tank won’t fill it up to any significant capacity, so it will be important to fill it up with compressed air, otherwise known as compressed air or C22.

C22 is an extremely low-pressure gas made specifically for paintball tanks and all product lines. There are a few benefits to using C22. It is mostly used for players that play on the field from a grounded location. When playing from the field, it is generally best to use compressed air to clean your airzones for example.

Secondly, it is an estimated cost-effective option when used, all parts for it can be purchased almost for pennies, and installation can be done in an hour or less. Lastly, it travels well and is simple to filter, and properly storing is not too difficult once you have it filled.

HPA Air Compressors are vital for players that want to just blast some air on a field or on their a few favorite bases, but don’t need a very strong tank. You can use Auto XL Air Compressors if you are buying them used or if they are on clearance. There are other C22 options you can use, especially on the used market.


How to fill your pods with an air compressor

The pods need to be filled with air from an air compressor. The air compressor I use is a Slime 40068 12-Volt DC Max Air Compressor Pump, which I got from Amazon. It’s a very small air compressor and has a maximum pressure of 80 lbs.

It’s also very quiet and the hose is very flexible. Without any water in the tank, the paintball needs to be pressurized. The pressure should be measured by inserting a pin in the sides. Adjustments can be made for different tanks and killers. The easiest method of doing this is by using a pressure gauge.

After the paintballs are pressurized, they are ready to fire. Before firing the paintballs, a filter needs to be installed on the air tank. I use a liquid nitrogen tubing, which is attached across the air intake on the paintballs. I never have to worry about the nozzle extenders run out of power on my Air Compressor, which is able to run for a maximum of 85 pumps.

With the air tank complete, it‘s finally time to plug in your air compressor. The picture below shows a wireless air sender already installed on the tank. The sender allows the Air Compressor to transmit directly to your tank. Please Note: During the trigger phase of the game, the balls must be pushed into the air rapidly. This is to ensure their effective range of travel and control over them.

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You will need to measure the required amount of air by inserting a pin into both ends of the hose. Now pressurize the air tank by placing a syringe or ball marker into the tank and filling it to the desired capacity.

Before shooting the paintballs, a large amount of gunk will build up in the tank. To remove this gunk from the tank, using a brush and some elbow grease, you can remove the buildup of gunk which occurs when the paintball pellets are catapulted out of the air hose.


Best paintball gun on the market today

A paintball gun is a marker that fires paintballs. The balls are filled with water-soluble dye and a nontoxic, water-soluble, polyacrylate-based gelatin shell. Invented in 1985, paintball guns are used in paintball games, which are simulated military or police actions. A typical, 50-gallon (220-litre) drum taken from a typical paintball machine gun is responsible for firing at least 450 paintballs during a game.

The air compressor is a pressure regulator that adjusts the pressure inside the tank. An air compressor is not just a mechanical device but a full-featured mechanical system. It does have automatic settings, but that is not the only reason to use one. The compressor which is used to refill the paintball guns is known as a purge compressor.

The purpose of the purge compressor is to remove any impurities from the original paint before using it so you do not have to worry about the gun dipping or running. The purge compressor has been designed in such a way that only one side of the purge is connected to the tank, which is known as the inlet side.

Doing this not only helps to reduce the chances of water getting into the tank, but also the gun motor doesn’t pick up any paint particles under the inlet side, and the end of the reservoir and hose that feeds into the gun and removes any remaining traces of impurities.

Sometimes you can just use a regular air filter, but sometimes even those come with their own drawbacks, which is why a full-featured, high-performance air compressor is used. With the air compressor, it is important to know how big the tank of air will be and what type of air will you need in there.

If the tank goes over 85 liters, it is recommended to use a high-performance air compressor. The entire process of filling your tank or pods with compressed air is quite straightforward.


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