A Complete Step by Step Guide: How to Fill a Paintball Tank

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Have you wondered how to fill a paintball tank? Whether you’re new to paintball or a seasoned pro, you’ve probably noticed that it involves a lot of equipment. Keeping track of all your pieces can be challenging, especially when you have to worry about buying paintballs and filling up your hopper between games.

A Complete Step by Step Guide: How to Fill a Paintball Tank

To help, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to fill your paintball tank and make sure you don’t lose any precious paintballs during play!

The importance of having a full paintball tank – How to Fill a Paintball Tank

You can’t play paintball without a full tank. When you’re out of paintballs, you’re out of the game. You need to have enough paintballs in your tank to keep playing, and if you find yourself running low, you’ll need to start thinking about how to get more paintballs. It’s a simple matter to see what’s in your tank, but that’s about it.

There are no indicators on your tank that will tell you how much paint you have left. While you could print out an empty tank and take a look, that process takes time and effort, and it’s not very accurate. Instead, follow the basic steps below and save yourself a trip to the paint store.

To start, get a flashlight and a remote probe to check the tank contents every few minutes. Placing the chosen paintball in each of the three slots will essentially tell you how much is in each. To empty the paintballs out of your tank, shake the tank vigorously.

This begins the pumping process that will help you empty the tank and refill it. When filling your tank, you’ll need to use a pump to force the paintball into the designated slots and shake it vigorously. As the paintball fills the tank and begins to pump towards the surface, you’ll see a countdown timer on your remote probe.

Use the marker and pencil to write down the completed paintball before the timer goes off. Since it’s becoming easier and easier to find paintballs at your local paintball field, you may notice there’s less of a rush to get out there and try to shoot some.

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When you’re first starting out, it can be nerve-wracking to empty and refill your tank on the same day; however, the more you play, the more efficient and efficient your tank will become. You’ll be able to empty and refill your tank in record time, and you’ll be ready to play more games in no time. Of course, you’re not limited to only tank-action paintballs.


What you’ll need to fill your paintball tank – How to Fill a Paintball Tank

The two things you’ll need are paintballs and a tank to put them in. Paintballs can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, and a tank can be rented from most paintball field locations. A beginner paintball gun can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Paintballs cost $4–7 per barrel, depending on what type you purchase.

A standard black paintball costs $5.99 and a premium black paintball costs $7.59. Most paintball guns will also have a backpack or even a tank attachment for storing paintballs and extra supplies in. Your first steps are to make sure that no empty spaces are exposed on your tank and to see if you can safely bring your empty barrel back to the gun.

Empty hoppers can be cleaned with a solution of chlorine in the water. Alternatively, most paints can be cleaned by soaking in a solution of the chemical for a few minutes. Rinse well and let dry.

“Paint is slippery, especially when it dries out, and can cause paint to spill if you lean on it.” First, spray a light layer of the product you plan on using on the tank onto the outer surface of the tank.

Next, push the barrel into the empty barrel from the front until it all sits flush against the plastic. It should hit at least halfway into the hole and be covered by the plastic unless there are some empty spaces. Hold it there with one hand, and then with the other hand, carefully push the empty block into the barrel from the rear.

This should leave at least one empty space on either side of the barrel, with at least another inch or two between the block and the plastic. If the chip is thick enough, you can gently push the block in a little. Next, fill the tank with paint so that the marks do not run or cover the painted area at all.


Step one: Open the valve on your tank and remove the fill nipple – How to Fill a Paintball Tank

The first step to changing the oil in your bike is to open the valve and remove the fill nipple. On most bikes, you’ll see a small rubber cap on the bottom of your oil tank. This is the fill nipple and you want to push the tip of your screwdriver into the hole and twist it open.

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Next, you’ll pour the oil into your tank by pilling it through the valve and dropping it on top of the cement. Then, move your hand slowly up and down to ensure that you’ve emptied as much of the oil as possible. Now, turn your valve and head to the shoulder of your bike so the oil can drain from the top of your tank.

All that’s left is to replace the old fill nipple and twist that cap back on. To replace the fill nipple, simply force it back into its original position and then push the new filler tube through the hole. While maintaining your tank is important, you don’t want to leave any rust particles in your gun when playing paintball.

To clean your gun, you’ll need to mix some brake cleaner into your tank water. Hold the hose up to your tank and floss it around a few times until the brake cleaner has completely mixed into the tank water. Drain your tank once more and then replace the rubber cap on the oil cap.

Now, you’re ready to fire up your paintball gun! There are a few different paintball guns, depending on what kind of tank you have (some guns are designed for tanks that aren’t long enough to accommodate their own paint, and some guns only have one fill nipple). Regardless of the gun you own, you’ll want to put down a few non-toxic phrases like “Wipe This And Forget It” and “Wipe This, Spray This, Do This.


Step two: Attach your fill nipple to a paintball bottle – How to Fill a Paintball Tank

Attach your fill nipple to a paintball bottle. For this step, you will need a paintball bottle and a fill nipple. The fill nipple is the part of the paintball bottle that you would push on to open it. The fill nipple is commonly used to fill paintball guns with paintballs. There are many types of fill nipples available, including Standard and Crown Victoria style.

Although you can find generic ones, a standard and crown Victoria fill nipple will last for years and is a cheaper alternative. For most fill nipples, you will need the following parts: Bottle (with nipple), cap, screw cap, airlock ring, and paintball cartridge. You can find these parts at hardware stores, online, or at paintball supply houses.

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For your bottle, you will need the following: Cap Fill the tank first! Fill your tank to the rim with motor oil, allowing approximately the width of the paintball to be filled. Once you’ve satisfied that the tank is sufficiently full, you’ll need to re-fill it by placing the fill nipple into the other end of the hose. Make sure the hose is comfortable and free of lumps and bumps.

Wait at least fifteen seconds while motor oil fills the tank. Then, simply open the tank and start playing! For easier cleanup, clean the inner part of the tank (the area inside the paintball clear cap) first. Once the inner part is thoroughly cleaned, you can replace the airlock ring. Step three: Clean your inner paintball area with a cleaning solution.

A cleaning solution is anything you would use on your car. Some common cleaning solutions include dish soap and mineral spirits. You can also find cleaning liquids from filling stations and stores. Once your tank’s internal area is thoroughly cleaned, you can place the screw cap back on your bottle and fill it back up. Once you’re done, you can replace the airlock ring and return the tank to its original position. Be sure to properly dispose of all liquids containing plastic.


Step three: Push the bottle onto the nipple firmly until it clicks into place – How to Fill a Paintball Tank

Put the nipple on the bottle and turn it upside down. The nipple has to go all the way to the bottom of the bottle for it to latch on. Once it’s attached, give the bottle a push to make sure the seal is tight.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before handling the baby. While the paintball tank isn’t technically a knife, it’s a handy tool for cutting. Holding the tank as shown above, you can make diagonal cuts on it.

No matter what kind of metal you’re cutting with the tank, you need a special razor blade holder to make the cut safely. Once the blades of the razor are pre-sharpened, there’s not much that can go wrong.

There are many ways to fill your tank using the hose, popper, or air tank. There is plenty of other equipment you’ll need, but the basics are the same. Hold the top of the tank gently, and simply fill it up to the minimum level.


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