5 Best MagFed Paintballs Gun of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (Updated)

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This article contains 5 Best MagFed Paintballs Gun of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (Updated). The most realistic simulation matches are offered by Magfed paintballs gun. The direct descendants of the very first pump paintball firearms are the magazine fed markers and give the same kind of play. You can’t just pray and spray while shooting from a magazine, so you’ve got to make sure how many shot you take before you need to reload.

If you want to upgrade from a traditional marker, it is certainly useful to consider a MagFed paintball pistol. Paintball pistols are famous for those players who like authentic detail and aesthetics of military grade.

They are typically the choice for paintballers who want to enjoy more with their limited ability to handle tournaments, making them a very common choice.

What can’t be looked for when buying paintball guns fed by magazines? Read our handy guide on the best MagFed paintball firearms that you need to consider. Please check out our guide to today’s best paintball armor on the market!


Dual Feed Functionality – MagFed Paintballs

Without one or more standard paintball markers in your arsenal, you definitely want to consider buying a double-loading paintball gun from MagFed Paintballs. Dual feed models allows you to use traditional hopper loaders in addition to promoting magazine filling.

The standard for most leisure games are gravity-supported hoppers and you can hold more paintballs before recharging. Dual feed markers are generally more costly than removed MagFed versions, but their additional expense is more valuable than their broader functionality.

Magazine Capacity – MagFed Paintballs

MagFed paintball markers deliver significantly less ammunition than traditional paintball guns. Although the capacity of paintball magazines is slighted, some of the magazines housing only 8 to 10 individual paintball boxes are not surprising. However, this should not disrupt those seeking military simulation (MilSim).

You will have to make sure you bring several magazines on yourself while you are playing to compensate for the restricted ammunition ability of MagFed paintballs.

There is enough room to hold as many extra magazines as necessary for your tactical jackets or harnesses. Bear in mind that the amount of magazines you can keep up with your person at any time could be limited to some tournaments and gaming scenarios.

Aesthetics – MagFed Paintballs

You would almost definitely be interested in genuine military aesthetics if you want to buy MagFed paintballs. Most markers with magazine feed provide high-quality finishes, with accurate features that look more like the real thing. Many MagFed markers are built to replicate genuine firearms premium so that you will not be disappointed in appearances. But make sure you have a quality coated finish on any MagFed paintballs you purchase.

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Customisation – MagFed Paintballs

Any successful paintball marker should provide enough space for updates and modifications. Refer to regular markers with at least one rail accessory. While some MagFed paintballs come with important extras already, you definitely want to have the freedom to support your weapon with scope, views, and lasers. These updates can also improve your marker’s overall military esthetics.


You can never skimp on the standard of the build if you wish to use your MagFed paintballs gun as a primary marker. Check for carbon fiber models for best performance. This material is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear every day, while being light enough to prevent it from weighing down.


5 Best MagFed Paintballs Gun of 2021 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (Updated)

Want to find out about the benefits of paintball guns fed by the magazine? Read more about our selection of some of the best paintball model MagFed on the market.

Tippmann TMC Paintball Magfed Marker W/Air Thru – Black/Tan

Tippmann TMC Paintball Magfed Marker W - Air Thru – Black - Tan

If you are looking for premium efficiency and superior functionality, the Tippmann TMC is the way. With its authentic finish and tactical style this premium 6.8 caliber MagFed marker makes a superb first impression.

There are dual feed options for this marker. Instead, you can use the conventional loader or use MagFed feeding system, making this a flexible choice for games of all sorts.

The Tippmann TMC is highly constructed, but it is still lightweight enough to carry out the cart for hours at a time without worrying about fatigue from any model from this proven manufacturer.

The Tippmann TMC is also an ideal choice for people looking for a variety of tailoring choices. The 98 threaded barrel offers a wide range for your marker upgrades.

You can also add all kinds of extras and accessories to your premium rail system so that you can customize your marker to fit your needs. This marker comes with 2 reliable MagFed magazines, and you can add a dummy if you wish to play a traditional hopper-fed game.

This durable marker is constructed to last, with a strong holding stock. It is also important for people who want to play higher octane games because of the robust design of this marker, so that even major effects won’t harm the crucial part.

The Tippmann TMC certainly worth considering if you are looking for reliable operation and quick-feed results.



Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

If you follow MagFed paintball markers that provide reliable performance and allow trouble-free maintenance, the Valken M17 should definitely be considered. This consistency marker uses an internally controlled mechanical blow forward device.

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This proprietary device is much more dependable and superior in speed than comparable options on the market. This advanced operating system is also easy to manage and maintain, making it an easy to use option.

The Valken M17 also offers a multi-purpose option, both completely automatically and semi-automatically. Regardless of what you choose, you should anticipate unbelievably steady speed and increased precision and range.

The Valken M17 is made of a composite material made of polymer made of steel elements. This marker is remarkably lightweight and simple to bring over all kinds of courses for long term periods despite the use of steel in its construction.

This marker can also be dismantled very easily, so that those who need to make rapid changes to their weapon in a game can find it a good option.

A fire selector safety switch is also available here as standard while magazines can be published with ease. The M17 has also an AR-15 interchangeable grip, making it an attractive option for people who want to customize their product.

Although this marker is a clear option for those who want to benefit from the advantages of MagFed, the use of this gun is only HPA tanks rather than carbon dioxide tanks.



Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker Black 14913

Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker Black 14913

Those who admire a genuine finish and military-inspired aesthetics are surely attracted by Tippmann Stormer Elites. This is a seriously impressive paintball marker pick, with a robust construction that will support the most intense sessions of paintballing. A dual modular feed architecture can be expected by default here. This modular approach makes adjusting the marker to your favorite play style extremely simple.

If you’re playing a traditional paintball game, you can choose to perform the regular hopper feed, while magazines can be reloaded or those wanting a more intense paintball game. This multi-faceted nature makes the Tippmann Stormer Elite an ideal choice for all skilled players.

It also appeals to paintballers who look for premium customization. With an extension rail for attachment of scopes, sights and other enhancing extras, this can be easily adapted to your preferences. This marker is provided by an internal gas line and reliable in-line bolt System for fast shooting, and often ensures good accuracy.

This potent marker will also allow you to take accurate pictures from amazing distances. The Stormer Elite is the path to newcomers and more seasoned players through its high impact composite construction and robust nature. It also delivers first-rate features from a technological point of view.



Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Marker – Black

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Marker – Black

The MG100 PAL breaks from tradition, unlike previous paintball markers in Planet Eclipse. While the MG100 PAL used regular hopper-fed systems in previous models from the maker, it is one of the first Planet Eclipse forays into the MagFed markets. Despite the developments with this marker, some familiar elements still exist.

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The iconic Gamma Core drives this marker to ensure you have a tool that will hold up well in any play area. Whether it’s frozen tundra or squirt-fields, the MG100 is a robust and reliable option. This marker has a double feed design, as with other options in this list. You can challenge yourself with MagFed if you want or keep things straightforward with standard configuration for hopper-fed service.

With its wide range of customization, the MG100 should be popular among the more experienced paintballer. You may add all kinds of accessories in the integrated MEC rail package to ensure that your marker meets your specifications accurately. Easy and lightweight stuff can be held, your sniper gun tailored or heavy gunner accessories loaded with.

While this marker is a little costlier than other choices on this list, the price premium is demonstrated by what is available here. Not only have you plenty of space for customization, you can impress the simple construction and activity right off the bat.

This marker is lightweight, but sturdy in its simplest shape and maintains a high impact level. This marker’s standard activity will be impressive too, with reliable firing and internal components that ensure consistent firing and minimal problems to hinder your game.



Tippmann TMT TMC Elite .68 Caliber Magfed Marker, Black

Tippmann TMT TMC Elite .68 Caliber Magfed Marker, Black

For anyone looking to enjoy MagFed activity the TippmannTMT TMC Elite offers an inexpensive alternative. You may expect a quality construction and efficient activity here as with any marker from Tippmann. This marker has top marks in terms of esthetics, its realistic design focus and premium finish.

Thanks to its partial aluminum construction, the TMT TMC Elite is a relatively lightweight option that makes it a good choice for those who want to play hours at a time. This market is made to stand tearing and tear every day, with an impact body that holds well to octaneous play. This market is notwithstanding its discreet weight.

However, if you are especially concerned that your label remains in first quality for as long as possible, you may choose an alternate marker model. This means that aluminum is less robust than composite materials.

This marker has a dual feed design as well. You can use traditional hopper-feed loading to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations when you play fundamental paintball games. If the rules are very relaxed, you can also choose magazine-fed loading.

The regular Air-Thru stock here requires an HPA tank that must be remembered when you are especially partial to CO2 tanks. Looking for your marker to be adapted? You’re here to look. The rail accessories helps you to minimize effort in all sorts of enhancements and additional parts.



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