Best Tippmann TMC Review | Guide & Thoughts 2021 (Updated)

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This article contains Best Tippmann TMC Review | Guide & Thoughts 2021 (Updated). In the Paintball Community, Tippmann is a trusted name and TMC is one of the best known signs. With lots of user-friendly features and functionalities, it is easy to understand the continuous progress and achievement of Tippmann TMC.

The robust building characteristics of this marker make it the right choice for those who like raw and ready playing and for those who want to add authenticity to battle tactical aesthetics.

This marker will sound familiar if you have ever played with Tippmann Cronus. This is an updated version of this classic Tippmann model that offers more flexible gameplay with MagFed functions. Plans to update your arsenal of paintball? Our Tippmann TMC review has everything you need to know about this superior marker choice.

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Tippmann TMC Review | Key Features

The similarities between Tippmann Cronus and TMC can immediately be seen during the first inspection. The TMC uses the signature blowback bolt mechanism like previous markers of Tippmann with a working capacity of approximately 750 PSI for the Tippmann TMC. This makes it a high pressure alternative that has a noticeable effect on the noise and handling of firings.

This is a noisy weapon so that those who want to play stealthy games can not fulfill their needs. This marker also has a visible reverse when shot because of high operating pressure. These are, however, simple to use. If you use a paintball marker comfortably, the reverse does not impact your shooting precision.


More than those who are looking for a reliable pneumatic marker, the Tippmann TMC review can satisfy. There are no electrical elements at work here that somewhat restrict functionality. For instance, the highest possible performance with TMC is semi-automatic shooting.

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This pneumatic marker however represents a much more robust choice than an electric paintball gun. The Tippmann TMC is a great option if you play periodically without wanting to be overly sensitive when you handle your marker.

The Tippmann TMC Review is a rather big marker but rather lightweight. Altogether, the TMC is about to weigh pounds. This is mostly due to the construction of partly plastic. The lightweight construction facilitates the handling of this tactical marker, particularly for longer periods. The lightweight construction, however, makes the rebound effect more visible.

The control frame of the TMC is pretty much the same as the Tippmann Cronus. The trigger frame is as convenient and simple to use as the Cronus one. The rubber frame has also finger grooves which allow you to keep your marker much firmer under all circumstances. The effect of the reversal is also somewhat offset.

There is also an adjustable stock on the Tippmann TMC. With very little effort, stock can be moved easily between one of five positions. It also features an internal gas line, which reduces the probability of damage to delicate marker components. It also improves the total esthetics of this marker and makes the paintball gun even more realistic than any other model.

The location of its CO2 tank is one of the design details that distinguish Tippmann TMC from others. The TMC demands that you mount the CO2 tank to the base of the handle unlike other paintball pistols. This will certainly make you familiar with the way tanks are fixed.

Positioning the tank can also prove difficult for paintballers who know more about the filling tanks. If not adequately sealed, the tank tends to leak, though at times it can also completely unload. Something that certainly needs to be taken into account.

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It is very easy to operate the Tippmann TMC Review. A single fire can operate the regular switch and security switch. You can also switch between one hand loading the hopper-fed and MagFed.

The inclusion of front and rear views, which can be adjusted, is another great feature of this marker. This increases the marker’s tactical look and feel.


How Does the Tippmann TMC Perform?

It should be easy to deal with the Tippmann TMC if you encounter a different Tippmann marker as little as possible. The process is very straightforward like all the paintball weapons from this manufacturer. Even the most clumsy players can shoot accurately with the intuitive trigger design.

It is also easy to load Paintball rounds with the option to switch between the MagFed process and the hoppers. It is also a brise with this pistol in its MagFed configuration that can quickly compress the spring with an adjustable knob. Loading with other paintball markers is actually much simpler than you might imagine.

Firing Accuracy

This marker’s moulded grip allows you to achieve high precision in shooting. It is certainly a good option for less experienced players with a paintball gun. In paintball rounds, you also cut corners without the need to buy quality paint balls to achieve accurate results.

You should expect overall ranges of about 150 feet if you’re using a 12-inch barrel. You should still be able to take precise shots even while shooting at that distance. Your fire accuracy would also increase the premium barrel or optical size.

Build Quality

Overall, a very solid and durable marker is the Tippmann TMC. While it has plenty of plastic parts, the main elements are of robust metal which is used intensively. The rubber handles and polymer parts are often made of high-quality materials, so wear and tear don’t need to be too much worried.

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But a better material should have been produced on the handle of the CO2-tank connector. The general construction of this marker is somewhat reduced by this element’s lower efficiency, which certainly is the main cause of tank disconnection.


When it comes to personalization, the Tippmann TMC gives you immense reach. With the Tippmann 98 you can use several existing upgrades. You can keep it as straightforward or complicated as you want with four accessory rails included in the personalization.

You may also add a regular stock of aircraft to this marker. This is important if you find a problem when placing the CO2 tank in the Tippmann TMC handling.


– Sustainable design and impressive construction efficiency

– realistic esthetics and genuine handling

– enough customization options

– Reliability

– Lightweight construction

– Internal steel line

– This is an ergonomic alternative

– the Rubber Trigger Fram Functionality of MagFed and hopper

– Very good accuracy

– fairly inexpensive


– maintenance can be challenging

– the air tank is placed in a difficult place

– certain items can be lost on the spot during the game

The Judgement

The Tippmann TMC is an excellent option for starters or intermediate players who want to experience MagFed activity with its inexpensive price tag and user-friendly interface. This marker’s overall design is impressive, while ergonomic grips allow comfortable handling and better firing accuracy. This weapon is especially appealing to turn between a regular hopper and a magazine.

You’re also unlikely to outgrow this weapon by the freedom of adapting this weapon to accessories. Beginners can quickly upgrade their markers in order to enhance their precision, whereas more skilled painters can also easily turn the Tippmann TMC into their taste.



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