[Updated] 2021 Comprehensive List of Paintball Leagues

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We put together a Comprehensive List of Paintball Leagues. This is a complete guide to help you locate and join a paintball team. If you’re serious about paintball and have joined a team, you’ll most likely want to go beyond open play sessions at your local field. Paintball leagues can be a lucrative next step for teams hoping to build on their success, with at least one big tournament or league taking place in almost every country. Do you need some help deciding which league is appropriate for you? The following are some of the world’s largest and best paintball leagues.

[Updated] 2021 Comprehensive List of Paintball Leagues

Canadian Paintball Leagues – List of Paintball Leagues

The Canadian paintball league is made up of different groups (Teams) which challenge for a single winner at the end of the tournament. The following are teams in the Canadian paintball league:

The Ontario Paintball League (OPL) is a good place to start if you’re living in Canada and want to take your paintball team to the next level. This long-running league has games in numerous divisions, the majority of which are geared for amateurs. Division 6 is for novice teams, whereas Divisions 5 and 4 are for teams with a little more experience.

When you play in the OPL, you have the opportunity to move up the ranks thanks to the various divisions available. However, if your team suffers a large number of losses, you may be relegated. The OPL also contains open play games, however the results of these games have no influence on league standings.

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The OPL is far from being Canada’s only paintball league. The Mirabel Impact Paintball League is another significant paintballing league located north of the US/Canada border (MIPL). This league includes multiple major divisions open to qualifying teams, including the RT5 and RT5 divisions, which each have eight of the finest teams. The MIPL ST3 Division is significantly more active, with no fewer than 16 teams competing on a regular basis.

The Eastern Paintball Player League is a competitive paintball league in the United States (EPPL). The EPPL, which holds regular events throughout the year and offers a range of playing forms, is a popular choice for teams residing in Canada’s maritime regions. There is also a tiered system in place for tournament play, with different categories allowing successful teams to quickly advance and climb the ranks.

North American Paintball leagues

  • National Speedball League (NSL)
  • National Xball League (NXL)
  • American Paintball League (APL)
  • National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) – Nationwide association that sanctions college and high school competition.
  • Ultimate Woodsball League (UWL)
  • South Florida Woodsball League (SFWL)
  • Iron City classic paintball league

U.S. regional Painntball leagues

  • Eastern Regional Field Owners Association (ERFOA)
  •  Capital Edge Paintball League (CEPL) – Regional league serving the Northern California area. 3-Man, 5-Man D5/4 level play.
  •  NorthEast Paintball Series (NEPS) – Regional league serving the New England area. 5-man Division 4/Novice & Division 5/Rookie level play
  •  Mid-West Paintball League (MWPL)
  •  Northern Xtreme Paintball League (NXPL)
  •  New England Paintball League (NEPL)

Latin American Paintball leagues

  • Costa Rica Xball League (CXL)
  •  Torneo Argentino de Paintball (TAP)

European Paintball Leagues

  •  Irish Woodsball League (IWL)
  •  Millennium Series

Australian Paintball League

If you are looking for a list of paintball leagues in Australia, there are many places where you can find information such as: the Aussies Playing site, Aussies On Line and Aussies On Duty. The Aussies On Line site offers links to many of the country’s top paintball leagues including the ARSA and NPPL. Aussies On Duty has a valuable listing of all Australian based adult leagues while Aussies Playing features a detailed description of the sport as well as an interactive glossary.

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Paintball Contests is another way to get involved in a paintball league. Many times a local group will sponsor a “Contest” which pits two teams against each other in a head-to-head competition. Other contests are held monthly or yearly and often include prize money, game entries, and entry into larger tournaments such as the ARSA National Tour. In some cases a local recreational facility may be able to offer a professional paintball league tournament series.

There is also a major tournament series that draws players from all over the country. The ARSMA (arium sport Massey-Rockingham) Major Tournament Series draws players from across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory of Australia. Each month, teams submit their best team pictures for approval and then the teams are invited to join. The winners of each monthly event are added to the ARSMA hall of fame, along with a trophy. There are also a wide variety of paintball kits and equipment available for rental or purchase at the ARSMA website.

You may also want to check out the websites for the various professional or semi-professional (some call them commercial) paintball leagues in your area. Often you will find information about teams, dates, times and even locations. Often there will be interviews with past and current champions as well as current players and coaches. Another great feature is to see the future Hall of Fame list and to hear from the players who made it to that list.

If you live in Europe, you might want to look into the European paintball leagues. There are many professional and semi-professional teams in several countries. Each country has its own list of the best teams, players and coaches. You can even find international events. Some of these are from a particular country such as Germany, Spain, Italy and France while others are international tournament series such as the EPO Paintball Open or the WPC Paintball Tournament.

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Most tournaments have a season built around it. There is usually an exhibition or half-season event held during the regular season. These events are normally based on a team format, where each team will play a series of games against other teams. The different playing formats can help you determine which paintball league is best for you.

You can also find information about playing different formats by browsing through the pages of paintball leagues. You should keep an eye out for the tournament playing formats. If you are an avid player, you will likely participate in a tournament at least once. If you don’t have the time to participate, you might consider signing up to a paintball league so that you can still participate in events. However, you need to check out the rules for each league first.

These paintball leagues offer various levels of play. If you are just starting out, you should consider a league that is designed for newcomers. A good example of this would be the XPL Pro Series, paintball leagues. A professional paintball league series will help you improve your skills and increase your skill level quickly.




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