[Updated] How Do Paintball Tournaments Work? | 2021 A Simple Guide

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How Do Paintball Tournaments Work?  We have a well-detailed answer to this question. If you’re new to paintball, attending your first tournament can be an intimidating experience. We’ve all been there. You might even know what goes down at a paintball tournament, but don’t feel like you have the faintest idea of how one actually works. This article is the first in a multi-part series that will walk you through the entire experience of playing in your first tournament — from selecting your team to lining up at the start gate.

[Updated] How Do Paintball Tournaments Work? | 2021 A Simple Guide


  1. What is a tournament? – How Do Paintball Tournaments Work

A tournament is a competition in which individuals or teams compete against each other to win a championship. Most commonly, a tournament is a single-elimination contest, which means that the winner must defeat every other competitor to win the tournament. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great resources on “how to game” to prepare for a paintball tournament; we’ll have to walk you through it all. First, though, let’s answer some common questions about playing in a paintball tournament. Are paintball tournaments held weekdays or weekends? Typically, they’re held on either Saturday and/or Sunday (based on the season) in the United States.

As a sport, paintball achieves moderate popularity on weekends, but a lot of the “community” will simply gather on the weekends in any event they choose (weekdays or not, it doesn’t matter). Weekend tournaments are usually held in non-tournament areas, although on occasion they may be held in locations that would normally be considered “tournament legal” on weekdays (such as on an army base). Does paintball hurt? The biggest risk involved is injury. This is large because playing paintball is incredibly aggressive: Going into the game unprepared may cause you more problems than getting injured. Actually, there is no risk, as the game is reviewed by leagues and you aren’t on a tightrope if you step in with a bat. Does anyone else try to hurt me when I’m playing? Yes.

The game, as extreme as it sounds, can be very competitive. Even if you aren’t really playing, people will try to put you in a compromising situation. Simply taking your eyes off your target, for example, can result in a severe beating or simply being stared at by people who are not looking where you’re aiming. There are also a lot of other unexpected situations, such as getting hit by a red car while playing (this is true, regardless of the vehicle), or having people start asking you questions about your favorite paint color. People will be awesome.

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  1. How do paintball tournaments work?

In paintball, players compete against each other in teams, capturing flags and eliminating the other team. The winning team is the one that captures all of the other team’s flags or eliminates all of the other team’s players. While the sport is fun and exciting, it is also serious and requires a lot of skill to play. To be successful in a paintball tournament, you are going to need to have your team lined up early during the tournament, and you’re going to need to have the right equipment. Before you even think about playing a match, you want to make sure that you’re going to have what it takes to field a high-quality team.

It’s preppy that way. Put on the spectator gear that you’re going to need, such as goggles, a mask, ear protection, a towel, change of clothes, trainers, etc. But once you’re heading out to the range with your team, you want to make sure that you are well-equipped too. The equipment you will need to field a top-notch team is going to include first aid kits, helmets, bulletproof vests, kick bags, spray paint, fuel, lights, docks, and lots of other little extras that can make or break your team. For example, if your goal is to win a game of paintball and you have a team made up of 4 players, then you will need the following equipment: First Aid Kit x 4, 4×4 Tire Pliers, 4×4 Harness Crank/Tie Rod Fix Kit, 4×4 Spud Sprayer, 4×4 Cut Off Pole Grip Pliers, and 4×4 Plate Saw Combo.

If you want to be successful at winning the game, then your team needs these items. There are other optional items that you may or may not need, depending on what tournaments you plan to play in. Source: tournament Paintball tournaments are typically highly regulated affairs. While you may think that only armed maniacs show up to a paintball tournament, people who engage in the sport often have an extremely high expectation of themselves and put in a lot of hard work before, during, and after their tournaments.


  1. What is the role of the referee for a paintball tournament? – How do paintball tournaments work

The referee is one of the most important roles in a paintball tournament. The referee’s job is to enforce the rules, make sure the game stays fair, and call penalties if necessary. The referee is also responsible for keeping statistics and making sure no one breaks the rules. # Editable Table of ContentsThe first thing you’ll want to do when attending a paintball tournament is gathering all of your team information.

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Print out your team’s list and make sure it is legible, full of team names, and easy to read. Make sure your roster has one captain and at least one line leader (these two must be on the same sheet). Fill out your roster with your team captain, the team captain’s listed contact information such as phone, email, and social media accounts, and any other information you need in order to contact your teammates once the event is over.

After you’ve gathered your team information, print out your start gate list and make sure it contains everything you need for your event. Make sure your start gate has your resume headshot, player bios, and your schedule of local times. The start gate also needs your e-mail address so you can be contacted at the event if need be, but because we’re focusing specifically on your first CPL event, you can enter your e-mail address in your profile instead. If you have any questions about your event, contact the event admin or attend the Captain’s Meeting. To sign up for free event registration, you need to have an introductory e-mail address set up.

You use this e-mail address to register for your first event. All you have to do in this e-mail is indicate to your e-mail provider that you would like to receive game updates and responses to membership requests via e-mail. Starting your e-mail is easy: Starting your e-mail is a very important task. However, it is not the most important task. In fact, it barely qualifies as an accomplishment in and of itself.


  1. Are there different formats for tournament play?

There are several different formats for tournament play. The most common format is Swiss. The player with the most wins at the end of the tournament wins the event. Swiss events are typically played over 7 rounds over the course of a single day. At a minimum, each event will experience two to four days of play, with longer events lasting up to ten days. They now allow for more local match play to increase the overall popularity of the event, which ties nicely into the two previous points. Setup and Tactics are critical parts of a tournament and are still drastically underdeveloped in our community.

To start, players will typically begin their tournament by assembling their teams. Players will assemble several teams based on their skill level and preferences. After assembling their teams, players will deliver tickets to their designated match locations. Once players arrive, their match will begin. Once the match is completed, teams will be reviewed in coordination with tournament administrators. Every team will be provided with one barrel of paint. Each team will alternate playing their opponent once within their designated match time. Once a player’s ball is depleted, they may reflow it by picking up their ball and reaching into the container housing it.

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Each reflow process should take under 30 seconds to complete and can often be done silently. Once refloating is complete, the marker must be stored in its barrel before playing stops for the day. At the pre-game event, captains and leaders will announce the starting time and location of their match in a pre-recorded event. The captains will sometimes select an additional feature for their captains to use during the event as well, and these are also announced before the event. Communication during a paintball tournament is paramount. Once teams have been determined and players have begun their match, players will begin their firefight.


  1. How do you select teams for a tournament?

One of the keys to a good team is variety. It’s important to have a variety of skills and experience on your team because different perspectives are helpful in solving problems and coming up with creative solutions. However, diversity should be balanced. It’s important to have a well-rounded team with skills that complement each other. Playing paintball is a series of target-rich environments (environments are collections of targets, typically plastic, with painted walls, floors, and other concrete surfaces representing various rooms/zones of the same environment) that paintball teams encounter on a regular basis.

Each game is played using a different paintball marker. A basic marker in the paintball world is a “plastic pellet gun” — that has a small drum containing a fluid or gel that when shot at a black contrasting surface paints the black part (usually) and then creates a similar but different color on a white (or other) background. Most markers also have a magazine or clip that is used to hold painted targets within the marker and that are typically obtained either by finding them in a paintball game or purchasing them prior to the start of the event at the paintball shop.

These magazines and clips usually have a minimum of 6–8 individual paintballs but can function with fewer. Markers have a maximum ammunition capacity. That is, the marker itself only has enough “bullets” or spent paintballs to fire out of the barrel when you completely empty your magazine. For every extra magazine you use, there are 2 potential empty magazine situations. The position you’re in when you empty the magazine determines which one you’re in. Most players will use large magazines to hold as many paintballs and target colors as possible. However, many players and teams prefer to go to the extreme of only using a few spare magazines to ensure that they repeatedly have paintballs available to fire at the various environments.



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