[Updated] Can Paintball Paint Be Washed Off? | What You Should Know

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A common question from paintball newbies and professionals is, “Can paintball paint be washed off?” This is a very important question to ask, and the answer varies depending on what materials the paintball material used is made of.

Some materials will be able to be washed away or removed easily, while others are more difficult to remove. Find out the types of materials that are more difficult to wash away with a paintbrush.

[Updated] Can Paintball Paint Be Washed Off? | What You Should Know

If the paintball material used in your gun is acrylic, it can be cleaned with water. Acrylic is a type of plastic polymer that does not contain oil, waxes or other chemicals which will build up and clog the internal mechanisms of your paintball marker.

You can spray the paint off with ordinary tap water or use a standard paint sprayer which is sold at most sporting goods stores. If you are using water to clean the paint off of your gun, make sure you do not exceed the maximum recommended water flow rate for the paintballs.

What You Should Know – Can Paintball Paint Be Washed Off

If your paintball material is made of polyurethane material, it is much more difficult to remove stains from the paintball markers. In some cases, the only way to remove these marks is to replace the entire paintball marker. Polyurethane paint is designed to bond tightly to itself, so if you spill a paintball during an event, you are likely going to have the same problems a traditional paintball player would. If you happen to be carrying sand or dirt from the field, you may be able to remove the paint from your marker with a small piece of sandpaper and a razor blade.

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You can use a mild detergent mixed with water to wash off your paintball markers. Make sure you follow the instructions on your marker to the letter when cleaning it. Do not soak the paintball in the water as this could cause damage to the material. Also, do not use any type of soap that is abrasive. Stainless steel wool will be able to remove paint from the surface of a stainless steel marker without scratching it.

A Triton X-eye can be used to remove dried paintballs from a marker. Using the Triton tool, you are able to push the paintball into the canister and then suck up the paint in the canister with compressed air.

Do not allow the paintball to dry for too long, as this could cause the paintball to crack. Once the paintball has been extracted, you are able to rinse the can with warm, clean water. Once you have cleaned the pan with the water and dried it, you are then able to put the Triton in the sun for several hours in order to keep the Triton clean.

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The metal parts of a Triton are easily cleaned using a standard toothbrush and water. You are able to clean around the entire inside of the Triton where any paint that may have remained on the metal can be removed with ease. If you have a lot of gear, you are recommended to wash all of your paintball guns using the same methods mentioned above. Make sure that you sterilize all of the tools that you are going to be using to clean them.

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Paintball goggles are another way that you are able to remove paintball stains from a paintball gun. Goggles that have special lenses will be able to filter out a range of harmful ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are able to destroy harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. With the goggles attached to your face, you will be able to see all of the pathogens that are on the outside of your paintball gun.

A can paintball be washed off of a Triton is one way that you are able to maintain the quality and appearance of your paintball gun. There are other ways that you can clean the gun with a can of paint balls though. If you are interested in learning how to remove a paintball stain from your Triton, there are a number of web sites online that will offer you helpful information. Make sure that you follow all of the guidelines that they have set forth for you to ensure that you do not ruin your paintball gun.


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