Which is More Fun: Speedball vs Paintball? | What You Should Know

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Speedball vs Paintball? | What You Should Know. If you’re a paintball fanatic like me, you’ve probably thought about giving speedball a try. At first appearance, it appears to be the same game under a new name, but the two sports are vastly different. We explore the fundamental differences between speedball and traditional paintball, as well as how they’re played on the field, in this post.

Which is More Fun: Speedball vs Paintball? | What You Should Know


What is speedball? – Speedball vs Paintball

Speedball is a type of paintball that is played competitively. Many people aren’t aware that competitive paintball is exactly what it sounds like. Most people mistake competitive paintball for recreational paintball played in a more formal, organized setting.

Competitive speedball, on the other hand, requires a large amount of time and money. It’s not for the casual player who just wants to have some lighthearted fun at a paintball field once or twice a year. If you Google “speedball” and watch the game, you’ll see what I mean.


Paintball vs speedball: what’s the difference? 

There are two sorts of paintball games: paintball and speedball. Paintball is a sport in which players are divided into two teams and played on a big field. At various spots on the field, each team has one or more “flags.” The goal is to “tag” the opposing players with paintballs in order to seize the other team’s flag. These games might go on for hours. Each participant controls a drone in a fixed arena in speedball. The graphics are a little slower than in a typical paintball game, but it’s a lot easier to control. Players in speedball, unlike paintball, must jump in a predefined direction to shoot at the opposing team.

Players don’t usually have to line up perfectly to shoot, and there are usually holes in the sides of the field where defenders can sneak up on them. As a beginner, you should give speedball a try as soon as possible; you’ll be able to improve your shooting accuracy rapidly and have a good time. You’ll be able to shoot to good levels and dominate your buddies (or adversaries) in your neighborhood park with enough practice (and probably some goggles). Here are links to all of this blog’s paintball-related content: Please visit ambly.io, our official paintball blog, to remain up to date on current events in the paintball world.

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How does speedball compare to regular paintball in terms of gear and gameplay? – Speedball vs Paintball

While speedball necessitates far more athleticism than ordinary paintball, both sports are extremely similar in terms of equipment and gameplay. You’ll need a mask, goggles, and a paintball gun as far as equipment goes. You won’t need specific boots, but you’ll probably want some shin protection if you don’t want a lot of paint splatter on your jeans as you would with paintball. In speedball, participants in groups of six or eight shoot paintballs at each other. Players begin with a foam target indoors and select a color group to work on.

Players throw paintballs towards a specified target after each round, attempting to strike it with their paintball gun. Instead of a predefined target, players can choose to use a ketchup bottle. In speedball, it looks that friendly fire isn’t an issue. In the game, teams alternate playing rounds and attempting to knock down the selected targets of the opposing team. You can’t waste too much time waiting for your turn because each round lasts 10–15 seconds. In my experience, rather than waiting for the timer to run out, everyone on the field reaches over to knock down targets at the end of a round to bring it to a close.

Paintballs are thrown at each other alternately by the two teams. It’s always feasible for a player to hit more than one target because there’s only one ball, but you’ll spend a lot of time attempting to avoid it. You progress to the following round if you manage to knock down all of your opponents’ targets. Players devote a little more attention to their target, but it doesn’t really matter because you’re still throwing paintballs, hitting the other team’s targets, and attempting to knock down your opponent’s target. You move on to the next round and aim to hit as many targets as you can. In many of these games, one individual is appointed as the sharpshooter for each team.

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If you have never played either sport, which one should you try first?

Which sport should you try first if you’ve never tried either? Both offer advantages and disadvantages, so it comes down to whether one sounds more appealing to you. Both are enjoyable to play with friends and family, but tennis may be preferable if you want to be more competitive. I used to spend a lot of time playing speedball as a kid, but I’ve never considered giving it another shot until now.

Let’s face it, speedball is an exciting and fast-paced sport, but the continual action over a 24-hour period is exhausting. Furthermore, even the top players find it difficult to catch up. Paintball, on the other hand, offers no time constraints and a variety of game modes to choose from, even if you don’t wish to play versus AI. Speedball is distinguished by the fact that it is played against significantly larger, computer-controlled robots.

These robots use a variety of cameras and sensors to ensure that they stay on target and never leave the field, even if they are struck. Paintball games typically run several hours, however shorter paint-filled games can last only an hour or two. There’s no wiping away the tears and beating of the heart valves that come with full-on sobriety when the game is ended. Paintball, on the other hand, is far more subdued, prompting many to associate it with the fight against human extinction. It’s a far cry from the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a paintball adventure.

Despite the fact that paintball has more inherent flaws, its speed and adrenaline make it a fast-paced game that’s ideal for competitive people or anyone who enjoys adrenaline rushes. As your ability grows, you’ll be able to funnel more paintballs into your funnel. It’s also tiring to have to wait 24 hours before you can play another. Speedball was something we could all get excited about as kids growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s for a brief period of time.

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The easiest way to figure out if you’ll enjoy speedball is to give it a shot! Both activities are available in a few locations, so try them out and discover which one you like. Good luck, and have a good time!

To sum up, I hope this guide will assist you in getting started with speedball and that you will find it to be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. If you want to play speedball, just try it; you’ll enjoy it! Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with speedball in any way. These are my personal thoughts and experiences. Based on my own personal history, reading internet articles, events, and books, I wrote this piece for anyone interested in paintball or the history of the sport.

Speedball, as well as the companies that manufacture and distribute the games, do not support or approve anything I write! Baseball was the most exciting sport to watch as a kid growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, especially during the playoffs. Each team would play a series of furious games with massive pitching battles and pyrotechnics at the end of each game. Paintball was practically unknown, and game series were limited to one event – the Multi-Pulse. In 1988, a paintball scenario in Florida sparked the idea for paintball.

The operators of a local paintball field wanted to make their sport more entertaining for their customers. As well as assisting in the breaking of attendance records. As a result, they teamed up with Hansa Paintball (a forerunner of Speedball) to produce the Multi-Pulse event. Many paintballers on the internet at the time, including myself, recall this as one of the best times to be a paintballer. Imagine a corporation in the 1980s that had a basic paintball situation and declared that they were going to create a sport that was much more thrilling.



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