[Updated] How Do Airsoft Grenades Work? | 2021 All You Need To Know

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This article contains How Do Airsoft Grenades Work? Airsoft grenades are a terrific addition to your arsenal if you want to bring a sense of realism to your airsoft battles. With the ability to light a place before storming an area, airsoft grenades allow you to raise the stakes when fighting the opponent.

They can also be used to fill a space with smoke, giving you cover to retreat or cross a dangerous region. Airsoft grenades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of capabilities.

What Are Airsoft Grenades? – How Do Airsoft Grenades Work

When we play airsoft, it’s easy to lose sight of the incredible weapons we have at our disposal. We often believe that we are just limited by our airsoft guns, but there is so much more. Airsoft grenades, on the other hand, are handy tools that add value to any player’s arsenal. Traditional grenades and shells are the two types of airsoft grenades, and we at Redwolf have them covered.

Types Of Grenades – How Do Airsoft Grenades Work

As previously said, there are two varieties of grenades, each of which works in a distinct way. When it comes to the two, there are classic ones and ones that use a launcher (shell grenades). Even though they may appear to be very different, they have many of the same essential functions and goals.

Typically, you may power them with either green gas or CO2. Both methods produce a large amount of fire in your local vicinity. Finally, when utilized together, they provide a “shock and awe” impact! But that’s where the resemblances end!

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Hand Grenades

When you hear the word “grenade,” these are probably the first ones that come to mind. You can use these in airsoft, believe it or not! The hand grenade is regarded a conventional grenade in the sense that it is “traditionally” what comes to mind when you think of a grenade.

They’re simple to use; just fill them full, pull the pin, and throw! As a result, these grenades can rain a large area with a large quantity of BBs, making them great for removing static targets!


  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Cost
  • Highly Realistic


  • Single Time Use
  • Soft Exterior

Pyrotechnic Airsoft Grenades

Pyrotechnic grenades, often known as pyrotechnic grenades, are the most frequent type of grenade used in airsoft games. This grenade has an inbuilt explosive that produces a modest pyrotechnic effect when lighted, and is designed for single use. You must first engage the striking mechanism before using a pyrotechnic grenade.

Some grenades have a fuse-like feature that must be lit in order to activate the explosion, while others have a ring that must be pulled to light the fuse. The fuse will slowly burn, similar to a conventional grenade, working its way to the interior of the grenade structure. This gives you some time to think about your target before launching the grenade.

Frag grenades and smoke grenades are two types of pyrotechnic grenades. Frag grenades have a minor explosion effect that can be quite useful in causing opponent players to become disoriented. Smoke grenades, on the other hand, produce a thick, continuous cloud of smoke. This puff of smoke might last up to two minutes, depending on the grenade.

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Blank Airsoft Grenades

Blank firing grades are comparable to blank rounds used in replica rifles in terms of design. You must release a pin to trigger a blank shooting grenade. You’ll trigger a timing mechanism by releasing this pin and the internal spool. The blank round is ignited when the firing pin makes contact with the primer, and a loud bang is heard. Blank launching grenades are extremely noisy and are designed to confuse hostile players. As a result, once the item has been activated and thrown, you should try to remove the area as soon as possible.

Gas Airsoft Grenades

Gas grenades for airsoft are an excellent addition to your armory. They are available in two types: projectile and audible. Compressed gas is used in Auditory airsoft gas grenades, which produces an audible bang and pressure that readily confuses opposition players.

Carbon dioxide is frequently used in this sort of grenade, with gas being released as soon as a primed grenade makes contact with a hard surface after being thrown. Another method is to use projectile gas grenades. They function similarly to sound gas grenades, except after being primed and released, they additionally fire ball-bearing projectiles.

How Do They Work

Before you may use these grenades, Knowing How Do Airsoft Grenades Work will help you better in the use of grenades. You must first prepare them in two stages. To begin, fill the grenade with the appropriate propellant, such as green gas or CO2. Second, once your grenade has been charged, you must fill it with the right BBs. The reason for this is that using a heavier weight BB in your grenade may result in slower-moving projectiles that may not be able to disperse as far as you would like. The FPS of this style of airsoft grenade isn’t particularly high, which implies that the lighter the BB, the faster AND far it will normally fly!

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Avatar Grenades fall under this category since they resemble ordinary grenades in many aspects. You can throw Avatar grenades normally, and several of them will detonate when they hit the ground. They are, however, completely configurable, allowing you to deploy numerous “skins” to choose different abilities to suit different situations. The Avatar grenade is a smart grenade technique that takes full advantage of the diverse forms and burst directions to modernize the “conventional” grenade segment.


Traditional grenades, unlike shell airsoft grenades, can only be used once. BBs burst through their outer shell due to their fragile outer shell, rendering them useless after each toss. However, some gamers choose to employ them because of their function. Many people find the option to just hurl a low-tech grenade into a room for fast clearance enticing. A shower shell grenade, on the other hand, would be the best option if reusability is a top priority.

Finally, with so many different varieties of airsoft grenades available, there has never been a better time to employ them. While there are certain disadvantages, the amount of enjoyment they may provide to your experience cannot be overstated! Grenades “bang,” and when we want greater realism or a competitive advantage over our opponents, these tools are perfect!


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