[Updated] How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work? | What You Should Know

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How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work? In this article, we have laid down the processes of how this works. Anyone who has played paintball knows that the barrel you use may have a significant impact on the accuracy and effectiveness of your amarker. Thankfully, using a barrel insert kit can greatly increase your barrel’s potential accuracy. Many people still have questions about how paintball barrel inserts operate.

[Updated] How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work? | What You Should Know


paintball barrel inserts operate by supplying the player with the most precisely sized barrel to match their paintballs. Paintball barrel inserts are usually sold in sets and vary in size slightly. This allows the user to select the best barrel for their needs, improving firing precision.


We will give the reader a comprehensive overview of how paintball guns work and the functions of all of their components in this article. Following that, we’ll go into the many sorts of barrels and the factors that govern them. Finally, we’ll go through how paintball barrel inserts operate, what they’re used for, and where you can get them safely and reliably.


The Insider’s Guide to Paintball Guns – How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work

The design structure of paintball weapons is relatively straightforward. They all have a few fundamental components in common that allow them to function properly, despite their differences in shape, size, and outside appearance.

The minute changes between tiny components that, when fine-tuned, improve accuracy, speed, recoil, and comfort are what distinguish one paintball gun from another, despite the fact that they all function similarly.

We’ll go over the various components of a paintball gun and the tasks they perform in this section. The barrel’s description has been left out of this section because it requires its own section for the purposes of this article.

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The Hopper:

A paintball gun’s Hopper is essentially a receptacle that holds your paint or ammunition before firing it. The Hopper not only stores your paint, but it also feeds the paintballs into the chamber. Gravity feed, force feed, and agitation hoppers are the three basic types of hoppers that differ in how they feed the rounds into the chamber.

Some hoppers are referred to as “magfed.” This simply means that instead of the more traditional design Hopper, the paint is held in a realistic-looking magazine. A typical Hopper can carry around 200 paint rounds. The majority of hoppers are universal.

The Body:

The essential portion of the marker is the body, which keeps everything together. The firing mechanisms, such as the trigger, venturi bolt, and cocking knob, are all housed in the body. This is the system that controls the round’s chambering and firing. Although bodies vary in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and weights, their components and operation are all the same.

The Tank:

A paintball gun’s tank is the key to its firing capability. The force needed for the paintball’s trajectory out of the barrel is provided by either CO2 or compressed air (HPA) in tanks. Some paintball guns can use either CO2 or HPA, while others can only use one or the other and cannot be used interchangeably. The tank attaches to the paintball gun’s body toward the back.


A paintball marker can be upgraded with a variety of modifications and accessories to improve various aspects of its functionality. Shoulder stock is an example of a paintball gun attachment. Shoulder stock is a piece of equipment that attaches to the rear of the marker and rests comfortably against the shoulder to reduce recoil and improve comfort and accuracy.

A scope/laser sight is another example. Scopes and lasers can be attached to your paintball gun to provide a better visual reference for the user, substantially improving accuracy and precision, especially at long ranges.


Paintball Gun Barrels and the Role They Play – How Do Paintball Barrel Inserts Work

Now that we’ve covered all of the other major components of a paintball marker, it’s time to look at the barrel. The barrel of a paintball gun is the tube through which the paint must travel after being shot from the chamber.

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The barrel of a paintball gun is the most important factor in determining accuracy. If a barrel is damaged, deformed, unclean, or otherwise degraded in any way, the paint’s trajectory will be off, and your accuracy will suffer.

Different Types of Paintball Gun Barrels

We’ll go through the various criteria that go into determining the quality of a paintball gun barrel in the sections below.


Barrels can be made of a variety of materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel. The type of material utilized may not always have a direct impact on accuracy. Better materials, on the other hand, can reduce the marker’s gross weight, making it simpler to handle and, as a result, boosting accuracy.

Barrels are available in a variety of materials and are intended to meet the player and their demands. Aluminium is perhaps the most popular material since it is lightweight, affordable, and simple to process. Stainless steel barrels are also available, which are heavier than aluminum barrels. Carbon fibre is also an option; it is the lightest and strongest material, but it is also the most expensive.


Longer barrels, in general, can aid in improving the gun’s accuracy. Because the paint will straighten up as it passes through the barrel, this is the case. Longer barrels improve accuracy, but the goal isn’t to install the longest barrel physically possible.

If a barrel is too lengthy, the paint will be driven through it by the chamber with too much force, resulting in diminishing returns. As a result, achieving a balance between these two variables is crucial.


The diameter of all barrels and paintballs is not the same. Paintballs are available in sizes ranging from.43 to.71 caliber, with.68 caliber being the most popular.

If the barrel you’re using is too big for the paint in your Hopper, the paint will bounce around inside the barrel when it’s launched out the gun, resulting in poor accuracy. If the barrel is too small for your paint, it will jam and burst open in the chamber or barrel.

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Paintballs are susceptible to shrinking, swelling, dimpling, and becoming deformed when exposed to natural conditions such as heat or cold due to their organic nature and the materials they are comprised of.

The Functions of Paintball Barrel Inserts

We can now move on to the primary topic of discussion: barrel inserts and how they work, now that we’ve familiarized the reader with the in-depth workings of a paintball marker and its barrels.

paintball barrel inserts are barrels that usually come in a set and vary somewhat in size to ensure the most precise fit for the balls you’re using.  

As previously said, this will ensure that the paintball is as accurate as possible.
Read my thorough buying guide on the most accurate paintball guns if you want to know which paintball weapons are the most accurate by default.

Take the insert alone, along with one of the balls you plan to use in your Hopper, to establish which paintball barrel insert is best. After that, place the ball in one of the inserts’ ends. The barrel insert is too big if the ball falls through and out the other end. The ball should be able to fit inside the barrel but get caught an inch or two inside. This means the barrel is the right size for your paint.


Final Thought

We aim to give the reader a thorough grasp of how paintball barrel inserts function in this post. Simply put, paintball barrel inserts come in sets and vary in caliber significantly.

This allows the user to choose an insert that is virtually exactly the right size for firing the paintballs they’re using. The accuracy of the marker will be much improved if the barrel insert is the correct size.


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