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How Loud Are Paintball Guns? This is a question which I know you are thinking about now. When it comes to purchasing a paintball gun, there are a number of things to consider, although loudness isn’t usually one of them. Aside from the potential discomfort, loudness is not an issue you need be concerned about if you plan on using a paintball gun at an out-of-the-way paintball field. However, if you intend to use a paintball gun on your own property or near a residential area, you must consider operational noise.

Are Paintball Guns Loud? – How Loud Are Paintball Guns

Paintball guns aren’t so loud, as previously stated. When you fire your marker, the only sound you’ll hear is a hissing, as just a handful make a popping sound. The gun’s real noise is determined by the paintball marker’s quality, whether it is mechanical or electronic, and a few other internal parameters.

Paintball guns, in general, make very little noise when they are discharged. When the majority of paintball guns on the market are discharged, they just make a faint hissing noise.

When others are fired, they may make a louder pop. The quality of a paintball gun’s build will affect its total volume. The level of operational noise is also affected by the type of paintball gun you purchase. Electronic paintball guns, for example, are usually quieter than mechanical counterparts.

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What Sounds Do Paintball Guns Produce? – How Loud Are Paintball Guns

When you buy an electronic paintball pistol, you can expect it to make very little noise. Indeed, the hissing sound produced by an electronic marker will be hardly perceptible. Only the user will be able to hear any noise made by the marker, as it will be inaudible to other players and those around.

Paintball markers that are mechanical are a little louder. The pressurized air from your linked tank will generate an audible pop when you discharge a shot. A hissing noise may be produced by some mechanical markers. Paintball markers that are mechanical are surely loud enough to draw unwelcome attention.

If you’re concerned about disturbing your neighbors, an electric model might be the way to go. Similarly, if you desire to remain undetected by other players, a mechanical marker’s louder working noise may reveal your location.

Other Factors Affecting Paintball Gun Noise

The internal components of a paintball marker also have an effect on how loud it is. When it comes to operating noise, the valve and bolt components of your rifle are the two most significant aspects to consider. If your marker is exceptionally good at utilizing compressed air, the valve will make very little noise.

The valve, on the other hand, will make more noise if the air efficiency is poor. If you want to reduce noise as much as possible, a spool valve is the ideal alternative. A spool valve is usually typically lighter than a traditional valve, which provides further advantages to the user.

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Paintball Gun Noise Levels: Mechanical vs Electronic – How Loud Are Paintball Guns

What is a Mechanical Paintball Gun?

Mechanical paintball guns are often powered by CO2 or compressed air and are simple to set up and operate, even for total beginners.
These weapons are typically less expensive than electronic markers and are more widely available for individuals who are just getting started in the sport. The fact that it is not as fast, precise, or consistent as electronic firearms is one of the main disadvantages.

What is an Electronic Paintball Gun?

Electronic paintball guns, also known as electro pneumatic guns, fired paintballs with the help of battery-powered circuit boards that activate solenoids, causing the gun to fire. These paintball guns are usually powered by a battery that can be charged using a standard 12V wall outlet.

The only disadvantage is that if you plan on playing for the full day, you may need to bring an extra battery with you.
Another disadvantage of these markers is that they are significantly more expensive than mechanical markers and are not readily available.

Mechanical Paintball Gun Sound

When compared to their electronic equivalents, mechanical paintball guns are more louder. This is due of the gas or release, which normally produces a popping sound, though some mechanical guns may also emit a hiss.

If you ever buy a low-cost, low-quality mechanical paintball gun, you’ll quickly notice that it’s much louder than nearly any other gun you’ve ever used. One of the main reasons for this is that it lacks anything capable of dampening sound or simply diminishing the impact of CO2 or compressed air, resulting in increased kickback and volume.

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When you compare the two paintball guns, you’ll notice that the average mechanical paintball gun is usually always louder than the typical electronic paintball gun. However, you have a chance of acquiring a high-end mechanical paintball gun that is significantly quieter than the cheaper alternatives.

If you want to play paintball with your friends and family but need to be quiet in your area, an electronic paintball gun is the way to go. They’re regarded to be significantly quieter, yet they still produce a powerful marking.

On Amazon, you can look at the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100, which is a high-quality mechanical paintball gun.

Electronic Paintball Gun Sound

A hissing sound is frequently made by these paintball markers. The noise level is low; you’d have to place your ears extremely close together to hear it. With that stated, if the marker is of high quality, it’s nearly impossible to hear a high-end electronic paintball pistol.

If the marker quality is poor, the noise level will be increased, which is why we only advocate purchasing high-end paintball guns. Even if the noise gets a little louder, you won’t be too bothered because all you’ll hear is a stronger hiss that’s still difficult to hear without paying attention.

We appreciate the fact that an electronic paintball gun’s battery makes no noise, leaving only the bolt, bullet, valves, and spring to make noise.

Here is a list of two of my favorite electronic paintball weapons now on the market. Both markers are now available on Amazon.

Empire Paintball Empire Axe Marker – High-End Marker

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Gun – Eye-Catching Design


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