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When it comes to knowing How much do Paintball Guns Cost – Paintball Guns Under $300, We’ve listed our top picks for best paintball gun in general, but many beginners are hesitant to spend $500 on a gun if they aren’t sure they’ll be playing every weekend. Finding decent (or great) inexpensive paintball guns can be difficult. It can be challenging to select the top 10 paintball guns that are under $300.

You have a lot of choices, after all. Tippmann, Spider, Proto, and Empire are all producing excellent markers for under $300. I decided to shake things up a little. There won’t be just one form of paintball gun available. We’ll go into a variety of different forms.


Tippmann A-5 Paintball Guns (How much do Paintball Guns Cost)

The Tippmann A5 has proven to be the world’s most adaptable paintball gun, suitable for tactical training as well as recreational play. Tippmann’s proprietary Cyclone Feed System, a shock-absorbing end cap for reduced recoil, a 200-round wide-mouth hopper, and more are just a few of the impressive features.

Tippmann A5 also has an almost limitless number of updates. A5 Flatline Barrel, Sniper barrels, A5 Collapsible Stock, A5 Response Trigger System, low-pressure package, E-grip, and other accessories are among the options.

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

An affordable, upgradable and customizable marker, suitable for woodsball or scenario play

Cyclone Feed System can fire 15 balls per second without batteries

The A-5 can be field stripped in less than 60 seconds without tools

Two position external selector switch allows players to easily change from safe to firing mode

Enhanced ergonomics with a longer front grip, lighter weight body and easier to remove push pins


First and foremost, the Tippmann A5 is one of the most famous paintball weapons in history. Tippmann is known for being extremely dependable. They’re long-lasting and relatively simple to repair. They can find pieces all over the place. Isn’t there a five that meets all of those criteria?

It’s fantastic. At the time of writing, it’s a fantastic paintball pistol for under $300. The cycle and hopper are two of the Tippmann A5’s main advantages over, say, the Tippmann 88.

Tippmann A5s have a cycle and hopper that are physically connected to the gun’s hand. As a result, any time you fire, those impellers will spin, rotate, and push a paintball into the chamber, ensuring that you won’t have any skip shots jams, resulting in less paintballs being broken.

And the best thing about that cycle is that it runs on air, which means you won’t have to worry about batteries or repairs. Only get out there and have fun! Tippmanns also have these pushpins, which allow you to quickly push pins out the side of the gun, remove the frame, or remove the internals.

So, if you need to clean or disassemble something, such as an O-ring, being able to force those pins out instead of breaking out an Allen wrench and screwing in a screw all the way out makes things a lot simpler.

It’s all convenient, which I like. One of the best (and most underappreciated) features of the Tippmann A5 (that many people overlook) is the ability to remove the valve and replace the O-rings on the hand.

Other Tippmann versions, such as the ’98, Cronus, and US army weapons, have a valve that can be removed but not opened to adjust the O-rings.

So being able to remove the valve and then replace the O-rings on the inside of the A5 saves you money in the long run because you can buy O-rings for $2 instead of $30 for a full valve like you can with the 98, Kronos, or those US army weapons.

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Tippmann TMC Paintball Guns (How much do Paintball Guns Cost)

Tippmann’s TMC paintball gun is one of the strongest additions to the Tippmann paintball marker line. This paintball marker has a lot of fans because it has a lot of great features that help you better your game.

You will certainly up your game with super-quality and solid construction. It’s a mag-fed variant of the Tippmann Cronus, a common paintball gun among beginners and intermediates. If you want to know if this marker is right for you, keep reading.

Tippmann TMC


Tippmanns latest MagFed Extremely Authentic Milsim Styled Tactical Paintball Marker

Dual feed option: Go MagFed or Traditional Loader and Get the Best of Both Worlds in One Awesome Package!

Semi-Automatic - Adjustable from 250-325 FPS - Includes (2) 20 Round Spring Driven Magazines

Tippmanns TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker comes with a 1-Year Manufacturers , not to mention, Tippmanns DEDICATED Cerfified Technical Support Department Available as a Resource For You and Your Marker All Year Long!


So, just like the Tippmann A5, the Tippmann TMC will be extremely dependable, rugged, and well-built, and they’ll be all-around great weapons. It’s also really simple to repair, much like the A5. There are parts everywhere, but it will have the non-rebuildable valve.

The TMC’s mag fed design sets it apart from other paintball weapons… So, instead of having to have a hopper on top of the gun, you can use the TMC’s 20 round magazines, but if you want to, you can put a hopper on top of it.

Isn’t that one of the coolest aspects about it? You have the option of using magazines or putting the hopper elbow on there and using a regular hopper. As a consequence, it’s adaptable. It may be magazine or hopper fed, but only one of them can be used at a time. So magazines and hoppers can’t all work at the same time.

The TMC will come with the quad rail, so you can attach flashlights or lasers to the front of it, and you can attach all sorts of crazy things to the front of it under the barrel collapsible stock, so you can change the stock to your liking.

It might be a little longer, a little shorter, or anywhere in the middle. It doesn’t have an external host, so there’s no host thing, I don’t know, it just looks cleaner. I like the know-hows, but what I really like about the TMZ grips I get is how secure the grip frame is.

They like the rubberized grips, and it suits their hands perfectly, so it feels nice when they hold it. At this time, the TMC is one dollar and ninety-five cents, and Tupac magazines are just twenty-five dollars. This is unquestionably one of the best paintball guns under $300.


Azodin KP3 Paintball Guns (How much do Paintball Guns Cost)

The Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump Paintball Gun is ready to rumble through the pump paintball scene! The Azodin KP3 pump marker has features found in pump guns costing two to three times as much, giving the player slick action, precision, and a stunning appearance.

A single trigger assembly, dual ball detents, and dual cocking rods are used in the all-aluminum body and frame for a smooth pump stroke and reliability. A streamlined on/off ASA with swivel-fitted macro line supplies air to the Rock Steady Regulator.

Azodin KP3

14” Two-Piece Barrel with Two Backs (.685 and .681)

Half-Block Design

Delrin Pump Handle

Dual Pump Rods

Clamping Feedneck


To begin with, the Azodin KP3 is identical to the KP3.5. The 3.5s are essentially a newer variant with two-barrel backs rather than one. Those two backs simply allow you to better align your paintballs with your barrel, improving accuracy.

Since the KP3 is a pump gun, you must physically pump it any time you want to fire it. Consider a shotgun, where you must chamber a round every time you shoot. You have to physically re-cock the KP3 (or any pump gun), the ball falls down, you drive the pump forward, and BOOM…you’re ready to fire.

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The KP3s are outstanding all-around weapons. They’re incredibly dependable, and they’re so quick to repair that the pump strokes are silky smooth. They come with a great two-piece barrel, or two barrel backs if you get the 3.5 version.

The on-off ASA helps you to easily shut down your tank. It’s just normal. It’s a lot easier to empty your tank. With the thumb wheel on the foot, it’s a lever feed collar. The liver feed neck simply aids in keeping your hopper in place a little more securely.

It’s a breeze to take it off, and the thumb wheels are useful for micro changes. The smoothness of the pump stroke is one of the aspects that people like about the KP3.

Stainless steel rods are used in the KP3, resulting in a smoother ride. The dual pump arms also prevent the pump handle from spinning.

They’re an excellent choice for someone looking for a reliable yet inexpensive paintball gun... Maybe you don’t play pump too much, or you’re not sure if you’re all in on pump, and you can get the KP3 for $250 and play pump every now and then….which is why we included it on our list of the best paintball weapons under $300.


Proto Rize Paintball Guns (Dye Proto Rize) (How much do Paintball Guns Cost)

The Proto Rize paintball gun is a brand-new paintball gun from Proto Paintball. For a fraction of the price, the Rize contains a slew of features found on today’s high-end markers. The Rize is a new and improved low-cost paintball gun that performs well. It is based on the Proto Rail.

The first thing you’ll note about the Rize from the outside is how good it feels in your palm. The Ultra Lite 45 frame, which is both ergonomic and lightweight, is to thank for this. The Ultra Lite’s weight savings was achieved by the use of composite material.

This also helps to keep the price down, making the gun more competitive than its rivals. The 3D milled body looks fantastic and eliminates excess weight from the marker, allowing it to remain under 2 pounds! You’ll find that the Proto Rize has the same self-cleaning eye pipe and ball detents as the Dye M2 when you look inside the breach.

Dye Proto Rize

Packed with features normally only found on high-end markers

Featured loaded with the precision True Core two-piece 14 barrel

Innovations like the internal Anti-Chop eyes, screw together bolt design, DYEs patented self-cleaning

New nylon reinforced feed neck, elongated body for improved ergonomics

Parts kit, DYE Slick Lube 2.0, OG DYE Barrel Sock, tool kit, and 9-volt battery included.


The Proto Rize is the cheapest of the lot, but it’s still a decent tournament paintball gun. This paintball gun is unquestionably the best value for money. Other tournament weapons are a little less expensive, but they’re still pretty bad. As a consequence, I’m a huge fan of the Proto Rize.

At this price point, Proto Rizes are $250, and they’ll be more conventional tournament paintball gun style, with a regular hopper on top of a regular tank, and it’ll just be a regular paintball gun.

What makes the Proto Rize truly exceptional is the bolt mechanism, which operates at about 180 PSI, which is extremely low pressure, implying that it can kick very little. They’re eerily silent. They can fire higher-end, more delicate tournament paint, and since they’re mechanical, they’ll have all the firing modes you’ll need.

So it’ll have full auto and all of the ramping modes, as well as semi-automatic, and that very light trigger will let you shoot really quickly. While it lacks the lever feed neck of the KP3, it does have an adjustable feed neck.

All you have to do now is use an Allen wrench to change it to the correct size for your hopper so that it remains in place. It doesn’t have an off ASA, so it is a little more difficult to drain the tank. You just need to make sure you’re aiming and unscrewing the tank at the same time, which I discussed in a video.

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We’ll put a connection up there right away. The stock barrel performs admirably. I mean, I have every gun in this $200-$300 price range. The Proto Rize, in my opinion, has the best doc barrel.

There are certainly better barrels out there, but there’s no need to go out and buy one right now. Although the rice shoots fine, I’d stay with the stock Barrow for quite some time. It has a strong track record. The upkeep is straightforward. There are a few places where you might improve. Perhaps next, or in the future, look at various lever feet or offices.


Empire Mini GS Paintball Guns (How much do Paintball Guns Cost)

The iconic Invert Empire Mini has been reborn as the Invert Mini GS! The Invert Mini GS is a technologically advanced marker with features that are usually only seen on high-end markers. It takes mid-level markers to the top of their game! Simple to manage, and capable of competing with high-end markers in terms of precision and rate of fire.

Empire Mini GS

Pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance

Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes

Wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip


So…the here’s deal. This isn’t a cheap paintball gun by any means. This gun isn’t under $300 (unless it’s on sale), but it’s similar, and the gun is so cool that it’s probably worth a few extra dollars.

We’ve saved the best for last if you ever want to update and make your rise a little bit more user friendly. The Empire Mini GS is a fantastic machine. It is without a doubt the best of all these guns. The Mini GS’s are extremely well-made. They’re highly dependable and quick to repair. It’s low pressure and electrical, much like the Proto Rize.

Isn’t it going to do the same thing as before? Like not kicking a lot, being still, and having all the firing modes you need.

Overall build quality is something that stands out to me over the pro rise. So the trigger frame on the rise will be nylon or composite, while the mini GS will be solid aluminum. As a result, it just feels better in your hands.

Furthermore, I agree that improved build quality leads to increased reliability. The mini GS, as compared to the rise or other weapons in that price range, will certainly be more accurate, but it will never be a match for those tip mints.

So, if you’re looking for ultra-high reliability, where you can stash a gun in a closet and recover it five years later, the mini GS isn’t going to cut it. However, if you’re looking for a low-cost, tournament-style gun, a GS is the way to go. The liver feed neck is one of the features that separate the mini GS from the Proto Rize.

So the on-off ASA makes switching the hopper on and off a breeze. So, like the KP three, turning off the air and extracting the tank is a breeze, and the trigger feels fantastic. Since it’s a magnetic trigger, you can fine-tune or change it.

Yeah, exactly. You desire it. It has a rubber grip on the foregrip as well. The rubber simply improves the feel of the weapons. This has been the case for the past four to five years. It’s almost as if adding more rubber to weapons makes them feel better. Perhaps a bit more high-end.

If you sweat a lot or if you have paint on your face. Maybe the rubber will help you get a better grip on the marker and keep it steady in your hand while you’re fighting bad guys.




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