Where to Sell Paintball Guns Online: The Complete List 2021

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A lot of questions keep coming as regards Where to Sell Paintball Guns. If you’re a retailer looking to sell paintball guns online, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best websites for selling paintball guns online, including detailed reviews for each one of them (and why they’re the best).


Where to Sell Paintball Guns Online: The Complete List 2021

See our list below, and you just might find your new marketplace!

List of websites for selling paintball guns online – Where to Sell Paintball Guns

Paintball is a game in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical gelatin capsules containing water and paint. The game is played in an area of forest or another large field with a minimum of five players on each team.

The game has different variations, but the concept remains the same. As a long-time paintball player, I owned and used paintball guns for years. In fact, as I said above, I owned several paintball guns before selling them all off a couple of years ago.

Since then, I’ve been using sites like GunVault to sell all of my guns since they’re easier to navigate and cheaper (no taxes). Several paintball websites exist today to sell paintball guns, including PaintballExposed which is the best for paintball guns under $100.

That’s because they’re selling guns that were only issued to law enforcement agencies, military units, and military contractors (like myself). If you’re wary of sites that only sell used guns and don’t require buyers to enter their local ordinance or take a federal background check, PaintballExposed might be a good option for you.

They’re also easy to navigate. You enter your location, and you’re taken straight to the seller’s information page. Then you can scroll through the different paintball guns currently available, and even find the paintball guns that you didn’t realize you were eligible to buy.

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There are many paintball brushless motors available on the market, with power ranges from 60 watts to 1,000 watts. They typically use batteries, which may or may not work with certain paintball guns.

Paintball Brushless Motors are the perfect choice if you have a very specific paintball gun in mind, or you simply don’t care about power and just want a cheap brushless motor. The marketshare varies, but most brands on this list generally sell for much less than similar motors at gun shows.

We previously wrote about DS Engineering here on AllHipHoops, and it’s right up there with one of the best paintball brushless motors on the market, MotorShield. Both offer awesome performance for a reasonable price.


PaintballGunWholesale.com – Where to Sell Paintball Guns

The website is well designed and easy to use. They have an excellent selection of paintball guns, parts, and accessories, and they have a great blog. They have been around since 2001 and they have a great reputation.

According to their customer reviews, Paintball Millionaires has been in business for ten years; this is a reputable website that has been in business for many years. We love to see a website consistently across the list of “Best Paintball Gun Websites.”

Best Paintball Gun Websites: Paintball Millionaires Review Visit Site ErrataCentral.com is well known for selling frequently refurbished and incorrectly-described products and accessories. If you want a paintball gun that falls under the “Errata” category, they definitely have some great products. Their products are worth taking a look at, but unfortunately, they have a few issues that could derail your buying experience. According to this customer, who purchased several paints from them, some of his products did not come packaged correctly, and some incorrect information was provided in their descriptions. Correcting these issues could make your buying experience a lot easier.

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ErrataCentral also has a messy e-commerce process with very limited options for product substitutions; you generally can’t buy an erratum to match or compare with what you’ve ordered. They also don’t have a great return/refund policy.

Visit Site Best Paintball Gun Websites: Paintball Central Review Visit Site RefurbishAmerica.com is both trustworthy and large. RefurbishAmerica has been around since 2010 and has a solid reputation for selling accurately described, quality refurbished products (and lots of them!). They also have a great variety of products to make your building and renovation process much easier.

According to several customers, this paintball gun is not compatible with an entire slew of popular lineups. This has made it hard to recommend ANY refurbished paintball guns from RefurbishAmerica. However, if you are looking for a paintball gun with a wide range of compatibility, then you definitely have a winner on your hands.


PbNation – Where to Sell Paintball Guns

PBnation is a forum for paintball players. It’s a place for people to connect and share information. When you visit the forum, there’s a section called “For Sale” where people can post items for sale or trade.

Recently, the site added customization touchpoints, so now paintball enthusiasts can add emblems, decals, and other extras to their guns. What makes this paintball site stand out from the rest is the wide variety of paintball guns for sale.

Some of the featured guns include Alliant Tech’s Warhead Micro LiDAR, GBBR Paintball’s Conqueror M4, and Vector Paintball’s Big Bite TC2. Some of the featured services include Bump N Knead, High-Speed Paintball Equipment, Paintball Replica, and Aggressive Speed Paintball Equipment.

It’s like having your very own paintball marketplace on steroids. DBPaintball is the paintball marketplace for persons not affiliated with paintball manufacturers. The site features exclusive paintball guns, lots of great paintball-related content, 12+ keychain replica keychains, T-shirts, keyrings, and more.

For the ultimate paintball experience, the site provides the benefit of playing on an actual live playfield and the level of customization to cover all bases, including logos, decals, and emblems. Visit DBPaintball for great paintball gun deals and online paintball instruction Bump N Knead is the paintball company for people who want a fantastic user experience in the paintball gun space.

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What sets the company apart from other paintball vendors is the familiarity the end-user will feel with the brand and expertise of the entire Bump N Knead team. The company understands that buying high-quality paintballs is a serious investment and that a true paintball shooting experience comes down to a one-size-fits-all user experience.

The company’s paintball site is a one-stop-shop for paintball enthusiasts. The site showcases comprehensive information on the user experience, as well as insights on its exclusive paintball guns. Another icing on the cake at Bump N Knead includes user verification, multiple payment methods, and 100% secure payment options with PayPal.


Planet Eclipse – Where to Sell Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse is a brand that produces electronic paintball guns. Planet Eclipse paintball guns are known for their high-end electronics and ergonomics. Planet Eclipse paintball guns are also known for their efficiency, reliability, and durability. Planet Eclipse paintball guns are used by players all over the world.


Global Sports International, Inc – Where to Sell Paintball Guns

Global Sports International, Inc. (OTC: GLSS) is a specialty retailer of sporting goods and related apparel and accessories. The company’s stores offer a wide assortment of sporting goods, equipment, and apparel, as well as services, such as custom embroidery, screen printing, and other personalization services.

In addition to offering paintball guns, GLSS sells safety equipment such as masks, elbow pads, shoulder rigs and shields, ball guns, shooting lowers, one-handed action guns, machine guns, military-grade body armor, and protective eyewear.

Besides guns, GLSS also carries paintball markers, foam booms, air guns, air pistols, airsoft guns, and replica weapons. Their paintball guns start at around $115, while their airsoft guns start at around $40. Not only is GLSS a great paintball gun store, but the sporting goods retailer is also a huge player in the historical reenactment community.


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