[Updated] Types Of Paintball Guns | 2021 Complete Guide

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Types Of Paintball Guns? There are 3 main types of paintball guns. How do you choose the proper paintball gun when there are so many to pick from? It can be a difficult and costly decision.

Is it true that all paintball weapons are the same? No, there are three different types of paintball guns: pump, mechanically operated, and electro-pneumatic, each with its own firing rate and price.

Paintball is a fun sport that you can take as seriously or as lightly as you choose. You could either borrow from a nearby location on occasion and go shooting with your pals on the weekends, or you could do what my friend and his family did and build a large setup in your backyard.

[Updated] Types Of Paintball Guns | 2021 Complete Guide

Are All Paintball Guns the Same – Types Of Paintball Guns

There are three kinds of paintball guns, or markers, as they’re called.

  • Pump
  • Mechanically operated
  • Electropneumatic

Each has a different impact on your firing rate and budget. While the pump is the most affordable, it also has the slowest firing rate, putting you at a significant disadvantage versus opponents who use more expensive markers.

Mechanically actuated markers fall somewhere in the middle in terms of cost and firing rate. For beginners, this is the greatest place to start.

Electropneumatic has a fast firing rate, however, it comes at a premium price. They’re great for speedball and demand a lot of attention and care.

How Do You Pick the Right Paintball Gun? – Types Of Paintball Guns

There are several processes involved in determining which paintball pistol to purchase. Here are a few things to think about before purchasing one:

  1. What type of paintball do you play?
  2. What is your financial plan?
  3. How do you prefer to play (more strategy or more splattering paintballs)?
  4. With whom are you going to have fun?
  5. How many different varieties do you already have?First, we’ll take a closer look at each of the three types of markers.
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The Three Different Paintball Guns

Paintball games are commonly referred to as markers. They have a striking resemblance to ordinary weapons, and the operating mechanism is extremely similar. The only difference is that paintball markers typically shoot the cartridge with pressurized air, whereas genuine weapons employ a tiny explosion.

Each sort of gun has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some are more suited to speedball, while others are better suited to woodsball.

The Pump Paintball Gun

Pump guns are the most fundamental paintball markers. These are the earliest kind of firearms, and they’ve just resurfaced on the market. They require a manual procedure to function.

Each time you want to shoot, you must pump the gun like a shotgun and chamber the paintball. Some pump guns are incredibly dependable, allowing you to focus on accuracy and field skills rather than power.

With a pump gun, new players will have a difficult time getting into the sport. While chambering their paintballs, they will have a difficult time combating with other players who wield semi-automatic guns. Pump paintball guns, on the other hand, have their own allure, and you’ll enjoy them if you prefer the shotgun technique.

This is the original paintball gun, and it’s still a good pick. It works similarly to a shotgun in that you must pump it every time you want to fire. If you want to play stock class paintball, you’ll need a pump marker.

Pump markers aren’t as popular as mechanical or electrical indicators at the moment. They’re slower than newer ones, which necessitates more planning and aim. This is the option for you if you enjoy a more traditional style and strategy-based games.

Pump markers have the benefit of being quite durable. Your pump marker will not be damaged if you unintentionally bump it against something or drop it while playing woodsball in the woods. It will still work perfectly 99.99 percent of the time.

Cost of the Pump Paintball Gun

Pump markers are either expensive or inexpensive. A good pump marker will cost less than an electric marker on average. There isn’t much of a difference between pump and mechanical markers, albeit the pump has a tiny advantage.

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Firing Rate of the Pump Paintball Gun

Pump markers are either expensive or inexpensive. A good pump marker will cost less than an electric marker on average. There isn’t much of a difference between pump and mechanical markers, albeit the pump has a tiny advantage.

Common Types of Play Using a Pump Paintball Gun

For speedball, pump marks are never utilized. You won’t typically use a pump marker unless it’s in a game that requires it or as a sidearm. Some players prefer to utilize their pump markers regardless of the game they’re playing, although they’re in the minority.

Pump markers are frequently used in scenario and stock class games. If your tale is historical, pump-action might make the story feel more believable in scenario games.

The Mechanically Operated Paintball Gun

The most popular sorts of guns you’ll find during recreational play are mechanical paintball markers. They’re usually semi-automatic, simple to maintain, and inexpensive to purchase. With the correct combination of accessories, they’re the easiest markers to use.

Both compressed air and CO2 can be used to power the mechanical paintball guns. If you live near a pro shop or play on a commercial field, you can quickly refill the tanks.

The majority of mechanical markers have a blowback mechanism. When the player pulls the trigger, the sear catch moves, releasing the hammer from the spring tension. When the striker makes contact with the valve, the paintball is ejected from the barrel. The striker is thrown back by the pressure, which is collected by the ear, and the next paintball is loaded.

This is the most typical marker you’ll see on the field or come across when looking for one. These are great since they’re as tough as pump markers but have a faster rate of fire. Mechanical markers are contentedly seated right in the center if you use pump markers as one bookend and electro-pneumatic markers as the other bookend.

These can be used for a multitude of things because they’re essentially the center ground on markers.

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Cost of the Mechanically Operated Paintball Gun

These aren’t much more expensive than a good pump marker. Get a mechanical paintball marker if your budget is low and you can only afford one type of paintball marker to begin with. Another thing to keep in mind when buying a marker is that the expense of maintaining one is usually less than that of an electropneumatic marker.

Firing Rate of Mechanically Operated Paintball Gun

A mechanical marker has a faster firing rate than a pump but a lower firing rate than an electropneumatic marker. Unlike an electric marker, you must ensure that the trigger is pulled all the way back, just like a genuine weapon. Depending on the length of the trigger pull, this can lower your fire rate.

You’ll be able to discharge a mechanical marker roughly 5-6 times per second on average. The rate of fire is also affected by the type of hopper you have. You can’t shoot quicker than your paintball gun can load the paintballs.

Electronic Paintball Guns

Electronic paintball guns were once too expensive to purchase, but they are now reasonably priced. The electronic paintball markers are powered by a 9-volt battery and use a solenoid to ignite. When the player pulls the trigger, a micro-switch is activated. The greatest paintball marker on the market right now is an electrical paintball marker. Electric paintball pistols are made by a variety of companies. Dye is one of the most well-known paintball brands in the world. They’re made specifically for the Dye M2 paintball marker.

With the electronic guns, a player can shoot at extraordinarily rapid rates. All of the commands that go to the solenoid are controlled by a circuit board. Ramping, full-auto, burst, and a variety of other firing modes are available on almost all electronic markers.

There is an electric sear tripper kind of electronic marker that uses an electronic solenoid to move the sear catch. This speeds up the firing process and provides you more firing options.

The ‘Pneumatic poppet valve’ type of electronic marking, which uses a pressure-powered ram, is another option. It’s a high-speed, gas-efficient marker that can fire reliably. Pneumatic poppet valve markers do not work with CO2 and must be fired with compressed air.


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