[Updated] What Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft? | The Real Truth

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What Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft? So, you’ve decided to form a paintball or airsoft squad. It’s difficult to know which one to tackle first! While paintball is by far the most popular, airsoft is catching on. Which one is more painful on the body? Is it safe for kids to play, or should they stick to paintball instead? Here’s a rundown of each sport and how it differs from the others to help you decide.

[Updated] What Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft | The Real Truth


What is Paintball? – What Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft

Paintball is a sport in which participants compete with paintball guns, which fire gelatin capsules containing water and paint, known as paintballs, at each other. The paintballs are fired at tremendous rates, reaching up to 150 miles per hour, with the purpose of the game being to eliminate the opposing team by striking their players with the paintballs.

Nukeproof Air and Nukeproof Paintballs are two of the most popular brands in airsoft at Shootsound Airsoft. While paintball guns have the greatest looks, runners will choose the smoother playback and more pleasant sound of these two models. Both Nukeproof and Nukeproof Paintballs have excellent battery life and are accurate enough for indoor ranges.

This game, as you can expect, has an effect on every aspect of the body. When you’re firing paintballs at each other, the entire body will be put under a lot of pressure, in addition to the obvious places like the head, hands, face, arms, and legs. In a typical paintball game, players must spray the ball back and forth between two stations, indicating where the ball is so that the computer can get a point on the target it is aiming for.

It’s rather straightforward, but if the player does not narrow the distance between the two stations, the paintball spray will run out. Because it’s doubtful that you’ll practice 10–40 feet with paintballs every time, one of the most pressing problems is not just hitting your marker with the gun, but actually hitting it.

While it may appear insignificant, you may find yourself racing backward multiple times during the game, attempting to catch up with/return to the team, the marker. Shootsound doesn’t even mention it in their product literature, but if you get hit and hold on to the marker for more than a few seconds, the marker will lose its energy and take 3 seconds to restore.

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What is Airsoft? – what hurts more paintball or airsoft

Airsoft is a sport or game in which players remove opponents by hitting them with spherical plastic bullets fired from Airsoft guns, which are replica firearms. Airsoft is widely used for both fun and training. The stigma attached to participating in this sport, or any other physical activity that involves physical contact, may influence your decision about whether it’s right for you and your children.

You know what I’m talking about if you were one of the lucky ones who grew up in a house with adequate space for basketballs. This one is similarly geared toward more advanced gamers. What is the best way to play with an airsoft gun? Simply put, you aim by pushing back with the left side of the cannon while holding the right side up. When playing paintball, you drawback on the rear trigger with your non-dominant hand and approach toward the opponent with the designated front trigger, the farthest position of the trigger, while aiming and firing the BBs shot by the weapon with either your right or left hand. You shoot them when you play airsoft.

What’s the risk? First, among all the physical activity hobbies there are, airlifts are probably the most innocuous. Particularly for kids, the risk of injuries is low. While it might sound high, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not see any elevated risk of injuries in the airsoft community, and CBR reports that injuries are likely even lower than average.

In fact, when comparing the risk of acquiring injuries from meeting the criteria for playing airsoft to the risk of developing injuries from other popular physical activities like rollerblading or skateboarding, CBR rates airsoft as injury-free. When you play paintball, you put yourself in a high-risk situation. What do the experts have to say? The safety of airsoft is a point of contention among professional sports leagues. Shot-put and ball-firing are not permitted on national teams in basketball, hockey, or soccer. Some collegiate teams aren’t suitable for children to play on.

Paintball vs Airsoft: which one hurts more?

Paintball or airsoft: which hurts more? It’s difficult to determine because it depends on the gun you’re shooting and how many times you’re shot. Paintball, on the other hand, is unquestionably more painful than airsoft. Paintball weapons fire teeny-tiny paintballs at a fast rate. Paintballs are packed with paint and composed of gelatin. Paintball guns employ cartridges that look like they’re from a handgun and are encased in a black plastic shell. Paintballs normally come with two paint softener sticks of varying densities to aid in the softening of the paint before shooting.

Paintballs come in a variety of densities, cure speeds, and velocity, making it difficult to predict which one will land on your player. Paintballs were studied to discover how they affected the neck and spine of players. The researchers put 14 healthy male athletes on an exercise bike and hit them with paintballs of various densities and speeds.

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The researchers found that there was a 10% increase in the incidence of low back pain for every percent increase in speed for the paintballs with a light pellet, and an 8% increase in low back pain for every percent increase in velocity for the slower paintballs. In contrast, there was no increased incidence of low back pain with the slower paintballs for the faster paintballs. A 10% increase in the stroke volume was not found to be a significant difference either.

Airsoft vs paintball: which is more harmful to play? Airsoft is commonly used for harm reduction and recreation, whereas paintball is mostly employed by military and police forces. Paintball is used by the US military for training, and there are 250 Fact Sheets available that detail how to master the sport. Broken bones, lost teeth, and brain damage are all common paintball injuries.

Paintball also has a variety of extra concerns, including an increased risk of lung cancer, a higher risk of E. Coli infection, and a slightly increased risk of damage resulting in the loss of an eye. Paintball injuries have claimed the lives of 128 people since 2009.


Safety issues with Paintball and Airsoft

Airsoft and paintball guns are not toys. They are lethal weapons capable of injuring and killing people. Guns that discharge small projectiles (such as paintballs and pellets used in airsoft and paintball guns) can inflict serious and even fatal injuries, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These aren’t toy guns. Paintball players can utilize risky practices because both are supposed to simulate regular game or hunting guns.

Paintball and airsoft guns may be quite costly. Paintball weapons are more expensive and are specifically developed for recreational use, depending on your area and interest. This is a difficult classification. When it comes to deciding between paintball and airsoft, there is no right or wrong answer. When it comes to choosing your own child-friendly weapon, you should always err on the side of caution.

Parents may now channel their child’s infantile rage by enabling them to play with real-world risks, thanks to newer and more realistic paintball guns. Paintball weapons with larger, more dangerous paintballs will naturally appeal to children. Paintballs should never be thrown in the air by children, regardless of how frightening they appear. Paintballs aren’t designed to stick to persons or objects. Airsoft weapons are similar to actual firearms and may contain genuine bullets, although they are not intended for minors. Always err on the side of caution when choosing between paintball and airsoft.

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If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that kids will play with both. Before determining which one is best for your family, create a safe and enjoyable playing environment. It’s important to keep an eye on your kids’ safety before, during, and after they play. If you have any worries regarding your children’s safety, contact your local child protective services. Playing with water pistols and ball light guns is an essential building element in most make-believe sports, even if it may appear to be a sissy activity if you’ve never done it before. It’s still simple as long as you keep away from sharp objects.


If you’re looking for a sport to start as a family, which one should you play? – what hurts more paintball or airsoft

If you’re looking for a sport to start as a family, which one should you play? Think about what sports are the most popular in your region and what sports you and your family members might enjoy. If you’re looking for a sport that’s low-key and easy to get into, tennis is a great option. Since tennis is low-key, it doesn’t have the same competitive spirit that would come with most other sports.

For an action-packed sport, basketball is great for kids because it has the added element of shooting in the air. All sports require you to be mindful of where you are at all times, meaning you’ll need to stay connected to the game or risk falling down. The first sport to consider to begin is paintball.

The cost of entry is very low for both kids who are new to the sport and families who just want to upgrade to a newer model of the same brand.  The paintball tank is good for beginners because it carries a lot of paint and maintains pressure. Paintball is a sport that demands participants to stay tight and motionless and goes from beginner to advanced.

There are a few rules that players must observe when it comes to the sport’s safety. To play, you must wear a mask, and the game must be cleaned after each usage. Because the paint is flammable, you’ll need to clear it up after each game, even if the tank is full.

The paintball tank is good for beginners because it carries a lot of paint and maintains pressure. Paintball is a sport that demands participants to stay tight and motionless and goes from beginner to advanced. There are a few rules that players must observe when it comes to the sport’s safety.

To play, you must wear a mask, and the game must be cleaned after each usage. Because the paint is flammable, you’ll need to clear it up after each game, even if the tank is full.


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