Which Hurts More? Airsoft or Paintball? – Answer Will Shock You

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Which Hurts More Airsoft or Paintball? We all know that getting hit in the face hurts. That’s why you always pull your hands up when someone shoots a gun at you, no matter what kind of movie it is. But what about paintball and airsoft guns? Which hurts more? And how many times can you get hit before you have to call it quits? We’ve got answers to your questions right here!


Which Hurts More? Airsoft or Paintball?

Airsoft guns are replica weapons that use compressed air to propel small plastic pellets. Airsoft pellets are typically made of plastic, but can also be made of biodegradable materials like corn starch. Paintball guns are designed to shoot paintballs, which are small gelatinous capsules filled with dye or water.

Paintballs can leave welts that look similar to mosquito bites. In a tenth-of-a-percent chance scenario, would you rather spend your money on an $8,000 gun that shoots paintballs, or one that shoots live ammunition and causes less damage? I know which one I’d choose.

Combine the popularity of paintball and airsoft guns, and there are loads of options on the market that can appeal to almost any budget. For most of us, though, an edged weapon is the way to go—the kind of gun that can be used for both defense and offense purposes, depending on what’s most appropriate for you.

Real or imagined: Which do you prefer: edged or blunt? You’re likely familiar with what a weapon looks like, but what do those bold faces behind the gun mean? Arms such as the samurai and anagoge were edged weapons, carried by warriors as a highly effective defense.

Subsequent speculated usage and utility have led to us calling them axes, axes being an appropriate name for any weapon with an edge. Plainly stated, any edged or dangerous weapon that has a utility element for offensive or defensive purposes is an edged weapon.

How effective are bullets? They pretty much do what they were designed to do—blow people up. How effective are bullets? Well, they do kill bad guys, and they’re fun to shoot, but the most important part is determining just how effective they actually are.

Most major urban centers experience some amount of bullet damage daily, so statistics on just how effective bullets are can be a fairly accurate predictor of the public health impact.

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Is paintball more dangerous than airsoft? – Which Hurts More Airsoft or Paintball

Paintball is more dangerous than airsoft because of the projectiles they use. Airsoft pellets are plastic, which means they’re softer and less likely to cause serious injuries. Paintball pellets are made of harder materials like metal, which can cause more serious injuries.

Henry Cejudo is a paintball and airsoft veteran. Cejudo has over 14 years of military paintball experience, which led him to become a paintball safety expert. The American Paintball Association (APA) gave Cejudo and his team the title of World Championship Paintball Tournament Champions for the best record in paintball events.

The APA also gave Cejudo trophy for Most Valuable General Participants (MVPS). It was an honor everyone in the paintball community knew about. Cejudo says the goal of having so many title wins is to build a fat bank account with the elite paintball players.

The Money You Don’t Need to Earn in Paintball

Although Cejudo acknowledges he’s made a ton of money in paintball, he’s not Stevie Ray from Home Improvement’s paint-by-numbers show. Most paintball tournaments cost between $1,000 to $1,500. Cejudo says that most paintball tournaments are friendly with volunteers doing back-ups and assisting those in need.

Cejudo says a tournament will typically pay for his gas, travel, accommodations for him and his crew and a few markers at the beginning and end of the month. That’s a low cost compared to other team sports, such as football and hockey, where teams often earn $5,000 a game, or even more.

Paintball or airsoft, playing professionally is better than not at all. Cejudo says he knows his team will be safe because he didn’t quit for a good job number but for his dream. “Even though I made a lot of money, I’m still broke,” he says. “It’s worth it. When I retired, I bought a rental and have it great for travel and fun.”

How do you make money in paintball?

The main moneymakers typically come when some teams invite the entire league to play with them.


How many paintballs does it take to kill you? – Which Hurts More Airsoft or Paintball

The amount of paintballs it would take to kill you depends on your weight. An average-weight person would take about 19 paintballs to kill you. A heavier person would take more and a lighter person would take less.

The CDC estimates that paintball injuries equal about 115,000 emergency room visits each year, primarily from falling and being struck by debris. Airsoft players, however, were more likely to sustain injuries, particularly concussions. Since injuries can be very serious, the prevalence of injuries to players at professional sports games has been on the rise. According to Sports Injury Reduction, annual injuries related to airsoft sports amounted to between 26,000 and 36,000 player injuries out of a population of five million participants.

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What happens to your butt when you hit a ball with that much force?

I’ve been hit by paintballs. (I’m lucky in other ways, too; I’m a competitive cyclist and I work out with weights.) But bouncing on a baseball or basketball bat has never hurt me. When I played in high school, I thought that I was faster than my peers with the ball. I went farther and threw harder with my arms and avoided collisions.

“What do you mean you’ve never been hurt,” you ask.

It’s true. I’ve spent most of my life playing three sports: running, weightlifting and cycling. Since I realized I could safely hop on a bike and ride around neighborhoods, I did. I’ve ridden everywhere from Southern California to the arctic circle. In Boston, I’m attracted to the 100 miles per hour waterfront trail and ride back and forth between Mount Washington and downtown.

When I got to college, I thought rushing into things was the way to go. But partying while I was supposed to be studying wasn’t a good idea. I took business classes, made up procrastination excuses and studied at home instead, sacrificing my nights out on the town.


What’s the most painful place to get shot with a paintball or an airsoft gun?

According to people in the field, the most painful place to get shot is in the testicles. A paintball or an airsoft gun is very lightweight and small, so you can’t really feel it in your hand when you’re shooting.

  1. Can I do the swim stroke after the air-soft gun? People swear by swimming after the air-soft gun, but it’s very difficult since the air-soft guns will shoot at you within feet of you.
  2. What’s the difference between an airsoft gun and a paintball gun? Paintballs have just been painted that shoot out in all directions. Airsoft guns shoot in a cone-shaped trajectory and work in a controlled manner. If you’re planning on doing the air-soft sports, hire someone to hold you back and guide you through the game.
  3. What does an air-soft gun shoot? It’s references the energy that comes with the firing of the gun. In the real world, this energy is represented by bullets or the “pump.” An air-soft gun often shoots blanks.
  4. What team sport is air-soft best for? If you’ve never played an actual sport, airsoft can be a fun way to eliminate social stress, tackle new hobbies, or even improve your body.
  5. What sport is paintball? Although people claim the sport is known for adrenaline-fueled play, if you’re actually watching paintball live, you’ll see different sports and tactics used by both professionals and amateurs.
  6. What do air-soft and paintball guns shoot? A paintball gun uses standard paintballs to fire a ball of flexible, dense-looking material at long-distance. In air-soft, the air is replaced by “gasses,” which when mixed with the fresh (in color) paint shoot a dense ball of colored material. Since ancient China, when airsoft first arrived on the scene, people mainly used it to simulate animal (and human) attacks. Recently, airsoft has gained popularity in the military and is often used by civilians outside the military as a low-impact exercise for improving speed, strength, and coordination.
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What should you do if you get hit in the eye with a paintball or an airsoft pellet?

A paintball or an airsoft pellet can cause serious injury to your eye, which is why you always need to wear eye protection when playing these sports. If you get hit in the eye, whether it’s with a paintball or an airsoft pellet, the first thing you need to do is wash your hands before touching your eye.

  • A car is a lot more dangerous than a motorcycle. By the way, a motorcycle isn’t one of the most dangerous vehicle types on the road, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, but it has the highest fatality rate of any vehicle and is involved in more motorcycle accidents than any other vehicle type. Similarly, the legal motorcycle helmet you should be wearing will also protect your head and neck, which is why it’s so important to always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.
  • Cycling on the sidewalk is not dangerous, compared to riding on the street. Cycling in the sidewalk versus the street is actually safer because you have much less room to make mistakes, according to a study by researchers at the University of Sussex. If you have a sidewalk cycling injury, wear a protective crosswalk helmet, if you have a street cycling injury, wear a bike helmet without visors. Cycling on the sidewalk is also safer than riding on the street due to sidewalk cycling practices like yielding to oncoming traffic, using lights, and signaling.
  • Riding through a red light creates a three-foot-length gap, but a car traveling the same direction at the same speed creates a six-foot-length gap for cars traveling perpendicular to the light. Thus, it’s important to obey red lights when they are yellow, orange, and/or red steadily, but if the light turns red for different reasons (e.g., stop lights, bike lanes, other traffic), obey the light when it turns red.
  • Cycling through stoplights is not dangerous, compared to going the opposite direction down the street and crossing intersections with stoplights.


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